“I’m tired of everything, I don’t know what else to do”, “Good Morning Cynthia, How are you and everything? Cynthia’s Reply: What is good about today, you pretend as though everything is working well with  you yourself. Please just leave me alone to face my problems”

Here are just a few examples of the way some of us talk, especially when we are faced with the circumstances and challenges of life.

Yes,  we all have or experiences “problems”, but the difference between me and some of us, is the word we use to classify the situation or the circumstance. I, on the other hand, choose to call the “problems” i am faced with, CHALLENGES.

Challenges, i personally love the way Wikipedia defines it,

  •                   A challenge is a general term referring to things that are imbued with a sense of difficulty and victory.

More exciting is the way the bible describes them, Challenges are the only Steps we climb on our way to our Victory.

That said,..we must welcome challenges and stop seeing them as problems but as Opportunities.

So, in these last few days remaining in the year, if u have a challenge I want you to recognize it today, as an Opportunity to become more successful, more victorious than you already are in Christ.

If you are in this category, I’m soo excited for you because indeed there’ll soon be a shout of victory coming from your lips by the Grace of God working on your behalf.


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Thank you for your time,..I know you’ve been blessed, see you next time.

kip Illuminating!!!

We are Grateful

So,.today is the 15th of December,..Wow, (dancing) it’s the end of the year and most of us have been thinking on how well the year went for us,..more like we are evaluating our accomplishments, placing scores on several aspects of our lives,..including our Career, Education, Jobs, Family and a whole lot of other areas, as some of us are counting the number of chicken they will eat on christmas day, of course i follow join the cue, lol.  Basically,..before una begin to salivate on top chrismas matta,   today’s post will only help on recreating our focus on what should be the most important considerations in our lives.

I know you were blessed by the previous post that was simply informative on what Commitment should be on, and that being said,..i would quickly list out the four most important areas of commitment,..ok guys here they are ……….. tadahhh!!

1. Commitment to God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit through fellowship.

2. Commitment to the work of the ministry through soul winning and partnership, 

3. Commitment to your purpose i.e the purpose of which God created you.

4. Commitment to our World 

And that’s it on today’s post, I’ll definitely shed more light on the individuality of them all, and show in detail how we can go about them.

I’m really excited about this “uuuuhhhh” Series, because knowledge of this would definitely set us on the right course in life and we will find that our lives will only move from one level of Glory to the next.

God bless you all,..till next time,...kip Illuminating

Christian Growth

A Commitment is a responsibility and it is also a call to duty. comittt

Jesus is our Lord, our Hero and our Guide, every one of us is given a responsibility to take the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth and to demonstrate the character of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, statement of commitment every day of our lives is …….

              “As long as I live,..the Gospel will not suffer any loss in my hands, as i would preach this Gospel as though i  were the only man given this responsibility”

Having this consciousness as we go about our daily lives will help us fulfill our destiny in God as regards the Gospel. That way, Our lives will be a sweet smelling savor unto God, because we have taken God’s number one business as our own.

Note: God is interested in every single man on this earth, so don’t just get born again and relax, go out and share the same gospel that you were told with the rest of your world,..he loves them as much as he loves you.


Christian Growth