Hey Guys…….guess what? ….yea yea you guessed right,…I’M BACK. How have y’all been? I know I know (face down) Some of you are angry at me…please forgive me. If you want me to explain I can actually mail you my explanation ooh. All the same, PLEASE FORGIVE ME……It was after I got series of messages both personal and public that I checked my blog calendar and realized that I hadn’t posted anything since one month plus…..I know right (now even some of you that didn’t notice are like haaaaa!!! Tenderoni, how could you and you say you love us, hmmmm) Please, don’t crucify me. I promise not to stay away for this long.

However,…I had a lot of entertainment and insight from most of my blogger friends…you guys are amazing, shout out to Dr N, Frances, Lizzie, Glowing Scene,…ahhh Femmetotale, Ujesta, Dare and yes, Crazy Nigerian, Livelytwist (the writer herself)…ooh how can I forget my mummy, Naija mum…una too much. Y’all kept my busy days very relaxing. Thank you so much, your gift is indeed evident and I’m blessed by you.   muah

Also, thank you to those of you who kept visiting to see if I have posted on the blog yet. You made me smile and cry at the same time(as I wasn’t able to satisfy your thirst). I love you guys.

Now today is a beautiful day and I have so much to say to you but considering how tired I am,…I will tell you a story.story

Story Story,….Story……….Once Upon a time,…..time…time.

Emily is the name of my new friend. She’s beautiful, the kind that you don’t need to sound modest about when you see. I had just met her a few months ago and so we decided to spend some time together since we both live in different cities. The holidays came close, so It was only normal and about time we met. It was whole week break, both our universities happened to have our holiday on the same days, so we planned her trip. My city had more to offer in terms of fun places and since I live alone, she had to come over…..Thank God she didn’t live too far, she got here on time and I was so excited to see her.

The first day we had a beautiful night, you know how we ladies can be,..gist upon gist,. girl talk, everything gistable was on the table of our gist plate. We had fun, got to know each other better and we literally slept off with our mouth open as we had talked and talked till our mouths got tired.

Before you start to imagine tins, I and Emily really gelled, and every day went beautiful as we visited different fun places. It was such a breath of fresh air to have her around, especially as she shared my passions.

Here’s where things got funny (now don’t think we fought ooh, all you people expecting the story not to end well, your plan will not work….lol)

I noticed that Emily had this very arguable low self-esteem, it wasn’t the kind that you would notice easily, you might not even call it low self-esteem, maybe I should say the wrong kind of humility.

Let me give you an example of how some of my conversations with her went.

Now here’s both of us dressing up for service and we get talking:

Me: Wow, gurl I love this your dress ooh,…it fits so perfectly on you. I would love mine in the color orange. I really love the way it looks on you. (mind you, I wasn’t flattering, I meant it)

Emily: Ohl really, I don’t see what you’re seeing ooh,..the gown is just there,…I even got it in one cheap shop like that. I’m surprised you like it on me ooh, you know you are the one with the sexy body now, abeggiii stop flattering me ooh.

Me: I’m serious dear, I love the way it looks on you and thanks for your compliment, I love your body shape as well, you’re beautiful and you know it…..go girl

Emily: Wow, sweetie, this your dress is awesome, I love it,..you’re so pretty. You’ll take me to where you shop ooh. This dress is lovely.

Me: Awwww thank you love,..I actually got this at a second-hand shop too, but it hadn’t been worn before. I know right, the dress fits me as I like it, that’s because I had to take it to the seamstress to do some fittings on it. Thanks.

Emily: Wow, that’s nice…..You really have beautiful things ooh…..I love them and your body just fits in them perfectly. Maybe you should take me to where you shop for real, at least let me get a few things before I head back.

So we go out to shop one day, and to cut the story short, Emily comes back empty-handed, no, not because she didn’t have the money to pay. Because, she didn’t find anything that fits her or that appeals to her. Are you shocked, no don’t be. We went through several shops, several pieces and she kept giving an excuse why that beautiful dress wouldn’t look beautiful on her. One of her many reasons was that it was gonna expose her ugly legs (Yes, she said “my Ugly legs”). But surprisingly, when it got to my turn to try on clothes, she advised me to pick them, saying they looked perfect on me. If I didn’t know better, I would have said she wanted me to spend money while she watched but I know better. She was so insecure about herself that everyone else apart from her was perfect. So much so, that she almost didn’t see anything good about herself physically. She complained about almost everything. Her weight, her skin, her buttocks,etc                                      .awe

So, there was this day when she offered me a compliment and here was my response.

Me: Emily, you offer me this beautiful compliments each time and I always love them, they make me smile. However, I don’t think that you mean them. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the same eyes with which you see others that you use in seeing yourself.

Emily: How do you mean dear?..she quietly asked me

Me: Have you ever wondered how come you seem to see everything beautiful about people, but each time others compliment you, you seem to always have something negative to counter it with? I don’t think that my things as you say are as beautiful as you say they are, because if you can’t see by yourself how beautiful you and your own things are, how can you see for someone else? Those are my concerns.

Emily: Ooh dear,…..they truly are beautiful as I have said, it’s just that I don’t always feel  as beautiful as the way people say I am. I know it’s a problem and I’ll definitely try to change. I’ve been trying to but I just don’t know how.

Me: I’m glad you now see it in this light. We’ll talk about how you can overcome this low self-esteem tonight, there are some practical steps that must be taken my dear, don’t worry we’ll do this together, ok. I love you dear, *hugs*

Emily: Thank you dear, thank you for letting me know this. I love you too sweetie *hugs*

So that’s in summary how my conversation with Emily ended on that day.

Some of you might be asking, why this story…..who cares to know what happened between you and your new friend Emily?…blah blah blah,..lol

Well, this story just reminds me about how so many people go through this on a daily basis. We can be so careful about acknowledging several beautiful things about us, things that God has graced us with, not just physically. Some of us do it because of low self-esteem while some others do it in the name of being Humble. However, it’s not like we plan to be this way. We just find ourselves in that position where we don’t want to sound like we are proud or like we have it all.

My Brother, My Sister,…please cheer up, loosen up, you too deserve to be praised, you too can be proud of your God-given gifts and talents. Is there something you’ve accomplished and you are being praised for it, don’t just act as though it’s a sin to think highly of yourself. You deserve to be celebrated and loved, so let out those smiles, say the “thank you’s” it’s that simple, do not complicate things by trying to explain how “it’s not all that” as we see it.

Even in this season of Love, we should learn to accept appreciation with humility as well as give out appreciation to the people around us. Lets learn to celebrate our selves and pat ourselves at the back for even those seemingly little accomplishments or endeavors that we succeed at. You can take an example from the Lizard, like the story we heard as kids, he nods his head after a successful fall from the tree, since no one will applaud him,…lol

Even God expects us to acknowledge every good work that’s in us, He says, that way the communication of our faith will be effectual (Philemon 1:6)

Also God is OK that we can think highly of ourselves, just not too highly of ourselves (Romans 12:3)

awesomeSo take advantage of the love that you receive and celebrate others as you celebrate yourself. You are very valuable and you should be treated as such. Jesus paid for you with his blood, so square your shoulders, stand tall, walk straight, talk bold, for you are AWESOME.

If you’re an Emily out there, look out for my upcoming post on how to improve self esteem…..it’ll surely bless you.its ok

I love you guys and I missed y’all so much.

Have a beautiful day.

Kip Illuminating

Story Story...Once Upon a time

Hello loves, How have you been? How was your week? My God!! I missed y’all so much. I even dreamt of you sef, Yes you! I’m talking about you that’s reading this post right now. If you’re wondering how possible that is, then send your comment after this post and I’ll tell you how and what the dream was about (no kidding), lol. I’m sorry I didn’t upload any posts for the last two days, I had alot to attend to. But I’m glad I’m back, I know you missed me as well.

Before I get too excited about you, let’s stop the chatter and cut to the chase. Today’s post is an introduction into something mind blowing and I chose to use that word because it’s a revelation to how deep the Love of God is, which is exactly what Love and Reality is all about.(You know I won’t dare keep these things to myself, I love you too much to do that and too loaded not to share them).

At 12pm today, I was having that special time with the Holy Spirit, through the Word and I decided to study the book of Esther as instructed by my Man of God and it became such a passionate moment with the spirit of God.

Reading through the very short book of Esther, it was amazing how powerful, yet precise this book reavealed the power of the Favour and Grace  of God. There were soo many lessons to learnt, it was an eye opener of the greatness of God in a man’s life and the purpose of God for a man of which is important for us, if we want to fulfill and live our purpose in life.

Inspiring and very profound were the revelations I got from that book, that if I don’t share it, I won’t be living out the calling of the blog. So, for the next couple of days, just before Christmas day, we’ll be cutting through the book of Esther and how it affects our lives in general and our purpose on earth.  The subsequent posts will definitely affect our lives in an extraordinary way by the help of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus Name.

Today I’ll be introducing our Icons that will feature in this series, they are truly Lights and they allowed themselves to be used by God to bless us in this marvelous way. So, we’ll be celebrating them in Love and Reality because they are a huge inspiration to Us (Y’all know that in Love and Reality, we are grateful and thankful people), as well as those that God has used to teach us these great lessons that I’ll be sharing.

I present to you :Image

Esther, aka Hadassah, a beautiful and lovely young woman, an orphan raised by her uncle Mordecai, a virgin from the Jews and a minority within the minority of her tribe,

Mordecai, Esther’s uncle, a Jew and a Man of God, also a minority among the whole kingdom that king Ahasuerus reigned and ruled,

Haman, an enemy of the Jew and one of the Kings Men, with a wife and friends, he loved power and was greatly feared among the people,

King Ahasuerus, the King of the 127 provinces, from India to Euthiopia. Married to Vashti, he was a Great King and feared among all kingdoms,

Vashti, wife of the king and a bad example to women.

These people played a huge role in this series  and the lessons that God wants us to learn in our lives. So, I’m as excited as you are to learn these truths.

Just because I don’t wanna compile all the stories in one, for it will be too much to assimilate at ones and tiring as well (dats for sure, i can read your minds, lol), I chose to break them down, today was just an introduction and I thank you for your time and for listening. I look forward to your comments and participation in the upcoming posts. God bless you and grant you understanding as we dive into the moments of victory Esther had with God.

Have an awesome weekend, till our next post, KIP ILLUMINATING, I LOVE YOU

Chronicles of Esther
Ok guys,..I thought to loosen the air a bit with this joke I found,..its true that we’ve had these people sit beside us during all nights, and some of these people are you my readers as well, maybe I’ve taken the place of one number here,.lol, guess which one,..owk enjoy bye.

10 types of brethren you find during all night prayer-revised edition

1. That one who you see only during the first hour of the all night and then they disappear, the next time you see them is during the last hour of the Night (usually the sisters)…

2. That one who kneels and places their head on the chair and they continue bouncing even when the Pastor is announcing the next prayer point, they usually snap when an usher taps them.

3. That sister  who comes with, a towel, a blanket, a coffee flask…with this ones you just know that trouble is coming as soon as they enter like that.

4. That brother who is super active during the first part of the Night and then the next thing their are just pacing around slowly, nodding the head rhythmically

5. That one who is just super active during the night and looks at everyone as though they are nepeos, Brother we know your secret…you drank a red bull, no wonder you didn’t want me to use your bottle to go get water, lol

6. And then there this one who just shouts glory after Pastor shouted something and then you ask them what did the Pastor say… (o,o)

7. And then there is this one, constantly woken up by the ushers. This ones don’t care…they just sleep

8. Then there is this sister who always pulls out things from her bag, sweets, fruits…constantly chewing and eating!

9. This one, arrives in at around 1am when now everyone is on soft tongues mode…they come in and pull out all their strong tongues for an hour and then sits down and now all you see is the head rhythmically nodding

10. And then there is this one, say hallelujah somebody; this one just makes up their mind to be awake, no matter how tired they are…they just run a good fight of faith till the end! They sit when the pastor instructs them to do so… No red bull, no play…nothing. They are strong like that.

I’m sure you laughed after this, I want feed backs of which role you played once upon a time in an all night vigil, for those of us Nigerians, una rank number one. LOL
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see you on the next post.
Humour Me

Hello everyone,

How was your night? for those of us on the same time zone, how has your day been? Well, my day just began, it started off slow but now i’m up and because of the alone time i get to myself, my intelligent head got thinking as usual and with no one to share it with in person right now, I decided my fellow Kings and Queens on this blog should hear it.

Its no news that 2014 is around the corner like an amebor and 2013 is drawing to a close as if it is a curtain, lol, even though that’s all we want, for those of us who are in schImageool for medicine , like my humble self.

I know that if you’re reading this post at this time, you are alive and well, and even if you feel sick or there’s a challenge going on in your life, you are still able to put on a smile and exercise what i’m about to share with you, which is a good thing, so please put a smile on that lovely face of yours, before you read the next sentenceImage. Now we can continue. As I was about to point out, there’s so much anticipation for what the coming year brings, I myself can’t wait to see next year, if not for anything, the holidays i get from school is something i look forward to, lol, I almost started writing out plans. While we are busy thinking about the things we are set to accomplish and so on and so forth, we have to stop for a minute or more, lol, to think about all that Our Lord has done for us, his never failing love, protection and provision and so much more towards us. Common na, Nna and Nne, Oko ati Iyawo, Boy and Girl, Man and Woman, Children and Parents, I know we’ve been buzy rounding off the year, but lets just take a moment to say “THANK YOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE AND BEEN TO ME“. Wow, that was easy, wasn’t it. I know it was because I did that with you as well.

This is the season of thanksgiving and there’s so much to be thankful for. The Psalmist in Psalm 100: says Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth. Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before Him with joyful singing. Know that the LORD Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. Enter His gates with thanksgiving, And His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him; bless His name. For the LORD is good; His loving kindness is everlasting, And His faithfulness to all generations.

What are you thanking God for this year? Let’s have thanksgiving on the comment section of this post or click on I-testify and share your praises to God and testimonies. I myself am thanking God for you our reader for all God did and is still doing for you in 2013. God has been faithful to me and to you, so please type in your comments, like and share this post to everyone you can, It’s still our season of thanksgiving, till the next post, chao.

We are Grateful