Thank YOU

We are Grateful

Hello everyone…so sorry for the short AWOL I displayed. I just had to take that time off for important reasons. Please Forgive me and thanks for doing so.

I’m really beyond excited for you and I right now(#screaming). This is the day that our Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. Yes Oh!

WOW. Isn’t this so amazing? It’s the 31st of the month of December 2013……don’t worry I know you’ve heard that like a million times today already and I’m not just saying that to make you go crazy. If you do sha,….e rish to dey crase for (I mean in a good way oh), lol.

I write this post in gratitude, joy and excitement because of the year 2013. I have been in this mood for the past 1 week now,  so I just wanna pour it all out.

Who be dat person wey talk sey we nor go see this year till e finish? If only you saw ahead of time, I bet you won’t be disappointed by this post. Well this post wasn’t made for you, so go and sit down where you belong and watch us become and do greater things in the coming year 2014.

To my Love and Reality readers, This one is specially for you.

I wanna say thank you to everyone who has read, commented and liked every post I’ve blogged on throughout this year. You have been a package of fulfillment to me and my Holy Spirit. This blog is actually less than 15 days old and it has not one day made me feel any sort of regret for starting it.

I’ve been blessed by your contributions and your passion for the word of God to be published in your hearts and minds. You’ve made me feel at home each time I log on to my word press account. Words can’t be the best way to express them, That’s why I wish I could see you guys right now, (*crying*)

All of you have been more than awesome. You have made a mark in my heart and I will never forget that. You made the year even more special for me. I know these two weeks for me has been exciting, reading all your comments and more importantly, for those of you who have blogs, reading your posts and in most cases, studying your post is what I do as the words you put there are more than mere words. As my Pastor would say, “The word on your Lips is God talking”.

As funny as this might sound,..I never used to visit blogs, let alone read and comment on blogs but after I was prompted to start this blog, I discovered there are really beautiful and life transforming articles being published on a day-to-day basis on this platform….my Life could only get better.

My love abides with you all

The Peace and Grace of our Lord Jesus rests with you all.

Thank you:

Frances – Thank you for being a free distributor of the grace and love that you carry. I love you and look forward to knowing you more. Those beautiful testimonies will not cease in this coming year. Thanks for being special. Your blog is gracious to me.

Lizzie– You know you are blessed. Thanks for pointing your light to my direction. It shines I must say. Little wonder you blog shines as well. Love you

Odunayo– Your comments just makes me smile. I’m just so excited about you. Thank you for standing out on this blog. The Joy that you have is sure to remain with you.

Ujesta– I said I’d call you Favour from now…You have favoured me each time I read your posts and when you comment on mine, It excites me. Thank you for your blog

Tosin –    Chaviva herself. You make me feel like a sister when you comment. I love you dear.

Dare – Ur blog is just so exciting to read. Thanks for making those posts exciting and available. God bless you.

Marriage by the book- These posts are just elevating and rich. Thanks for being a GEM to me.

You all have been very sweet to me, my blog has a meaning because of you. Even though it’s been barely two weeks since I found you ladies, you’ve shown me love even to the extent of appreciating me personally on your individual blogs. It couldn’t have gone any better.

God bless you all and thanks for making my 2013 sweeter than it already was.

There’s definitely more excitement coming from this blog and yours as well in the coming year. I look forward to them. I’ll definitely miss you all…I wish I could get real hugs from you all right now. Well, like lady Frances says to her readers, there’s always the e-Hug (when I read that, It cracked me up), lol. I hereby give you the Hugs via the internet.

*e-Huggs*e-Kisses* muah muah muah to you all.

My Joy is indeed full and I’m glad to have the end of the year filled with love coming from all of you.

To all my readers, Love and Reality wishes you all a very happy New year celebration. Eat, Laugh and Love. Just like you did in Christmas, enjoy your day for you are the reason for the season. Be careful, those of us who drive and make sure to observe the traffic rules oh!, lol…Yes Oh its necessary.

Pls don’t forget to keep and send my share of the New Year Rice and Chicken. For those of you watching your weights, pls don’t deprive yourself of the chop chop, I mean, It’s just one day or two. Be cautious sha,..I cannor shout, before I’ll start receiving mails of how I’m the cause. lol


I also wanna say a big Thank you to God for all He made me be to everyone via this blog. All the questions He answered through the posts and comments we made. The Holy Ghost is indeed our Helper. It’s been amazing. Thank you for being such a Good God to Us on Love and Reality. We Love you so much.

OWWWKKKK! I have to go now y’all. I leave you with my congratulations and gratitude once again.

Love you plenty plenty,

Kip Illuminating!!!