There’s More In God

Christian Growth

Have you ever felt the sense of boredom in your walk with God as a Child of God. Ever been tired of reading the scriptures and learning more of God’s word? Perhaps you’ve come to that point in your life where you are satisfied with all that you’ve found out in your relationship with God. Then this post is for you. Maybe you are not bored or tired, then this post will encourage you, as I was after I heard them while studying my daily devotional this morning.

Some Christians have reached the point where their lives have become boring and they’re wondering, “What more is there in God?” They’veImage become so used to the worship and other activities in church; even God’s Word has become common to them; what a sad situation to be in!

What they haven’t understood is that it’s not just about the activities that take place in church; it’s about the glory that comes out of those activities. When you understand what comes out from the Spirit, you’ll never be bored; you’d never ask, “What’s more?” People become tired or uninspired by the things of God because they’re carnally minded (they are moved by their five senses, their feelings get the best of them); just like the children of Israel that got fed up with the manna that was coming out of heaven, and started clamouring for meat!

Walking with the Lord is a journey of endless glory; there’s always more to desire and enjoy in Him. The more He reveals Himself to you, the more hungry you are for Him. Imagine Moses: after he had walked with the Lord for so long, and the Lord had done so many wonderful things in his presence and through him, he still wanted more. He said, “Lord, show me your glory” (Exodus 33:18); because he knew there was more.

Our God is so great; there’s no end to the greatness and awesomeness of His Majesty. Keep growing in the things of the Spirit; keep learning the Word, with an unquenchable desire to know Him more and have His glory revealed in your life. Remember, if you seek Him, you’d find Him (Matthew 7:7); if you hunger and thirst for His righteousness, you’ll be filled (Matthew 5:6).

Some of us might be asking, how do I stay focused? How do I not get tired? The truth is, if you are trully subject to the Spirit of God, you’ll never be tired or feel exhausted, for the Love of God just makes you want more. There’s this song by our very own Minister Sinach, (I’ll leave the URL bellow), it tells the story of this post.

And in the words of one of my dear readers,

I reached that point in my Christian walk. The thing is to keep striving, keep praying and keep reaching to God. The feeling in you may be for you to have a change in direction, growth or for you to move in a certain way. I don’t think it is necessarily a bad feeling, it’s your response to it that matters,

“Even if you are subject to the will of God and under the spirit you can still get tired especially if you are not functioning in a role God has prepared for you , it’s your response to it that matters and not giving up on God.. I have seen people grow by reevaluating their role in church when responding to this “tired/bored” routine. .The truth is if you seek God truly, He will lead you to where you are supposed to be in ministry , in church, in relationships and you will flourish. It’s like finding your place in a puzzle. Growth cannot come unless there is change and I know that responding to that restless feeling with direction from God can beneficial. You become cynical and jaded if you continue without responding by seeking God for direction”

So my fellow Love and Reality readers, THERE’S MORE IN GOD and in this coming year, decide for yourself that you want more of Him, and surely you’ll never get enough.

You can study more from this scriptures: Ecclesiastes 3:11; 1 Corinthians 2:11

Here’s a Prayer for you:

I thank you for granting me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you. I’m increasing more and more in knowledge and in judgment, able to discern and function at all times in the centre of your will, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

I know you’ve been inspired, pls share your experiences and contributions in the comment section below. Thank you @Eniola for making this post richer to bless. I love you

Kip Illuminating, I love You all!


Que Sera Sera ! Whatever will be, Will be ?

Christian Growth

Top of the world’s goodness to you my dear, I’m sure you had a good night rest. Well, I did myself. I’m always soo excited when its time to share posts with you guys, you guys are more than amazing. Today is a beautiful day and as we must have noticed, its one of the last Tuesday’s in this year 2013 and I don’t know about you, but for me I’m glad to be a part of it, making history in the land of the living, yaaaaaaaayy!!!que sera sera

Hmmmm, one of the world’s favorite quote “Que Sera Sera” is our topic of discussion today, its funny how most of us, including Christians still  stand by this quote in almost everything we do today. Even as you read, you are singing the popular song in your head, I soo used to sing this song eeh, lol. Well, I’m sorry what I’m about to say today might be against your judgement but really, what is the essence of Love and Reality if we don’t trash issues like this. So, let me begin by saying this: “WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE WILL BE” . If you don’t think so after the end of this post, then you should follow, comment and like the post so I can prove it to you in our upcoming posts, lol

There was no need to beat around the bush for this one because many of us need to hear this as it is. Nowadays, we live our lives in excuses for almost everything we are faced with. With quotes like this which put us on the safer side, we get too comfortable with the stages we are in life, even in our jobs, career, relationships, academics and so many other areas. This brings me to the issue of PURPOSE, do you know your purpose in life?, do you have a purpose in your job, career, relationship, marriage ? If these questions are not answered by us as we grow, we end up settling for “what life brings” , because the truth is that Life has nothing to offer anyone of us, we on the other hand were made to bring the good news, the beauty and as the bible will put it, “We have been called to show forth the excellencies of him that called us out of darkness into his marvelous light”, How, brilliant!, Isn’t GOD just simply amazing, we have answers to every question we ask Him. Anyhooo!, that is to say that “We are the Light of this World’. The faster we come to the reality of this truth, the better our lives will be.

The reality is that It is our responsibility to beautify our lives, God already did his part by blessing us with all that it takes to live a glorious and beautiful life so, take advantage of them today and stop relying on “whatever will be, will be”, for that way, we are saying to God that all we are is the best we can ever be, which is a big fat lie.

So, today I want you to develop and have the mindset that you own your world  and you can recreate it with your words (faith filled proclamations) actions and your prayers. Don’t stop there, where you are is not enough, you can be greater and much more better than you already are and it all starts and depends on your mindset (thoughts). Whatever point you have reached in your goals and aspirations, my advice to you is to stop measuring your life’s achievement with the world’s tape rule, as is the manner of most of us” rather, use the Word of God and what he has called you, a success, a victor, a joint heir with Christ, this is who you really are.

I’m hope you didn’t expect me too be soft on this issue? Love and reality is not to spice up your life but to totally beautify it, yes I dare say,.lol. Oya my time is up, and people biko, ejor, PLEASE, I need to get your comments, don’t just read and be blessed and smile, make comments, I wanna get to know my readers. Show me some love na, abeg, See YOU tomorrow,  Make sure you don’t forget to follow the blog.

Kip Illuminating!!