FAITH SUNESIS – Faith is……..


As my dear man of God Rev. Chris Oyakhilome would always say,

    “Faith, the response of the human spirit to the Word of God”

So many of us have had series of challenges that have challenged our faith in God. Most of us start out right in our faith walk, but along the line, we’ve come to the point where we start to stagger and soon enough, we give up and make conclusions about whether or not God wanted us to have what we desired.

So, if you’ve been in this situation, this post is here to encourage you, perhaps correct you in your walk of faith.

I have three distinctive definitions or descriptions of faith that I would engage my discussion on, because they best describe the character of faith.

Before we go into them, we must have it in mind and at heart, that FAITH IS ACTIVE, not passive. It’s a verb, as well as it is a noun. As we go on, you would understand where I’m coming from.


This is one of the very first words we see in the bible where it talks about faith and that can be found in Hebrews 11:1. What we mean by this definition is that, if for example you where hoping to get an Android phone within the first quarter of the year, your faith, is that Android phone. It means that if you say, you have faith, you mean that you have that Android phone already.

As unrealistic as that sounds, that is the reality. Faith is the reality. So what happens with you who has faith for that issue, you stop saying, I don’t have a phone, you rather continue to say, “I have my Android phone, it’s already available to me”. The bible says that your faith is the substance, so, in the mind of God, when you declared that you have that phone, everything in the world began to work on that word, to bring that phone to its tangible form, because you see, EVERYTHING that pertains to life and godliness, the bible says, has been given to us already but they are in their expandable form of existence and in order to bring them to their tangible form, your faith is what you need.


This second description is also very familiar with the Church. It is what it is. Faith is the evidence. I would use the example of the Man of  God, Pastor David Yonggi Cho, where he said that, at his early years of ministry, he really wanted a chair, a desk and a bicycle, so he prayed to God for them. He waited a while for them until God spoke to him and said, “you ask me for all these things without being specific, I have already answered you a long time ago, but you must be specific”, so right there as he realized that God had answered his prayer, he became more specific as to what type of chair, desk and bicycle he wanted. He said, he went back to church the next Sunday and announced to all his members that he has received a chair, a desk and a bicycle. So because obviously, it was not available, they asked, where are they if you say you have them? Then he said, “I’m pregnant with all three of them and I will soon give birth to them in due time”. I’m sure you won’t be surprised if I tell you that, not later than that same year, he had exactly all he prayed to the Lord in faith for. What am I saying? This man of God shows us that his faith was the evidence, that’s why he could announce to the whole church that he had a desk, a chair and a bicycle, even though in the human mind, that would have been called a lie or unrealistic. If a woman should say to you that she is going to have a baby in six months, all you need to see on her to believe her, is her stomach carrying a pregnancy. So also, your faith is that evidence that you have that job, that house, that business, that family, that idea, that contract, that child, e.t.c.


I’m sure all of us know what a title-deed is. It’s a document evidencing a person’s legal right to a property. For example, if you say you own a land in Abuja, Nigeria, what gives you the legal right to that property, is the title-deed. So if you were at a meeting and you were asked to show the evidence of you owning any property, you would have to present to them, the title-deed. They wouldn’t need to travel all the way to Abuja, Nigeria, to see the land or property, all they need is the title-deed. Faith is that title-deed, my brothers and sisters, It’s your proof of ownership to that need or desire. So, have faith, act on the word of God.

Faith is the response of the human spirit to the Word of God. That goes beyond the senses. It is beyond the realm of reasoning. That you feel it, doesn’t mean you have it. You don’t reason out God’s word concerning you. God’s word is not subject to reasoning. IF GOD SAID IT, SO IT IS.

Faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, and to be certain of the things we cannot see.



For example, a man “Who is Sick” in need of healing. The reason why he should say he is healed, is not because he’s trying to say it, so that the healing will take place, it is because that’s who he is, he is the healed of God because he is in Christ Jesus.

Faith is also, NOT A POSITIVE CONFESSION OR TALK……A lot of us make this mistake, we think we should be positive, so we say, I’m rich, so that we can sound positive. When you do that, that’s not faith. You say you are rich, because you are Abraham’s seed, a joint heir with Christ. Except you are not in Christ Jesus, but if you are, then being rich is your character, it’s in your DNA.

Your expression to situations should be based on God’s Word and what he has said, that’s FAITH.

FAITH IS NOT BELIEVING….it goes beyond believing, IT’S A KNOWING, an assurance, an evidence. So, please, don’t stop at believing the promises of God for your life. Go beyond believing to seeing those things with the eye of your spirit, and you will see that the forces of this life will start working on your behalf to bring them to physical appreciation. Faith is the corresponding action to what we have believed. It transcends the realm of believing…..When you believe on God’s Word, you ACT on it.


WOW, I have been blessed, just reading out this post to myself, I was so stirred in my spirit. I know for a fact, that you have been inspired as well. So, watch out for tomorrow’s post, because I would be sharing another part from this series on faith, I would blog about something very crucial pertaining to faith, so stay tuned beloved.

Before I go, I will love to appreciate everyone that has kept their eyes on this blog waiting for a post during my long absence, thank you for staying strong and believing in me. I love you all. CHEERS TO A MORE AMAZING TIME WITH YOU ALL.

Happy Easter in arrears, I had a lovely time, how was your Easter?

Kip Illuminating!


Don’t Give Up Just Yet…….Be Comforted

Story Story...Once Upon a time

Hi beautiful people, how was your day and how are preparations going towards the valentine’s day celebration. If you didn’t see my last post, just scroll down to read that one before you read this one, Either ways, do enjoy your self, while reading, because by now you’re already used to me writing plenty. Thank you for the comments and likes, don’t for get to leave your comments below, those of you who keep reading and not commenting (yes I’ve caught you today, lol). I just got back from class now and even though I’m hungry I decided to do this post. Enjoy your read.

 So today something happened to me and I realized that someone might be in this position that I found myself.

I went for a class and the teacher decided that today, we the students would do a competition in order to be scored for the topic of the day. We all didn’t prepare so well, because some of us had to rehearse for our upcoming faculty day, while others were really busy with something else, so most of us were just wondering what she meant by that.

I personally didn’t prepare so my thoughts were for me to tell her to let me rework the class. That would involve paying for the class again. It’s not so expensive but the time involved was expensive, especially in this winter season.

Now here’s what happened, she said she was going to cal our names randomly from the register and we are 15 in class, so it could get to any of us in no time. The question was to name something individually that had to do with a specific organ in the body (trying not to go into detail). There were not too many that were stated in the textbooks, but as a student its part of your responsibility to go all out in our research as regards any topic and so, she expected us to have an answer immediately she asked.

The “competition” as she called it started and by the time it got to my turn, we all had exhausted all the answers we could pick from our notes. We were not allowed to repeat anything that someone had already mention, nothing related to it at all.

Now at this point, I already had something in mind but I wasn’t sure she would accept it, mind you I was answering to an experienced medical doctor, so she knew exactly what she wanted to hear. As she asked me, I didn’t hesitate at all, I just voiced out my thoughts and then, she confirmed my suspicion by saying she didn’t think that was absolutely correct.

I just sat there in thoughts for like one minute, thinking about what else could not have been mentioned that I could pick. My people, I was there and nothing was coming to my head. I mentioned other things, but again she rejected.

So not to “waste more time”, I said “Ma’am I don’t have any other thing to add, I don’t know the answer to your question”, so she said, “alright” and called out the next name.

By the time she got to the next name, the person too didn’t know what else to add, seeing that the answers in our text books had been exhausted. But here’s what the person said to her. “Madam, I don’t know what to say at the moment, but if you would give me some time, I will try to come up with something good, I’d love to think for some time” and she replied “OK, you take sometime to think, I’ll get back to you”. Then she moved on to the next person, and again the next person had the same situation as the previous person. He decided to think. (Notice the difference between what I said and what they said to the teacher)

Then suddenly, in my thoughts, something came up, I cross checked in my head and decided that this answer should be a good one for her. I raised my hands so she could give me a chance to speak, since it wasn’t my turn and she obliged me. I said my answer and yes, it was very correct, it was a good answer. Here’s where the story changed.

In my mind, I had given her an answer and so there was a point for me, I thought. Then the shocker came. She said, I had given up my chance for a score, by saying that I didn’t know any other thing to say, instead of asking for time to think. I felt bad, and she noticed, but still didn’t change her mind. Suddenly, those who asked for time to think, came up with their answers and lo and behold, they were all correct. Even though I got a good answer and told her,….it was somewhat useless to her because it wasn’t gonna affect my scores. I had already lost the competition in her mind. While the rest got their deserved marks,..I was probably the only one without a score. Then series of things came up in class and she concluded that I wasn’t listening as she asked us to at the beginning of the class, so on and so forth.

It got to a time she even said, “Ohh I don’t want you to think that I’m attacking you, I only didn’t expect you to give up on yourself, it’s disappointing. You should have been insistent on your ability and asked for more time”

Those words struck me, I left the class with it echoing in my head. I was almost in tears. But then, GOD spoke……and you guys know what happens when God speaks.

He said, “You where created unto good works, you can only succeed and be excellent. Don’t be discouraged,Cheer Up. All I want you to know is that I’m training you in righteousness, it’s a lesson that you have just learnt again through your teacher. Never give up, just like she stated, I believe in you and you will succeed. It doesn’t matter what comes your way, CHEER UP”

This words comforted me and I came out victorious, you know why? Because what the enemy planned for evil, the lord turned it around for my good. I have learnt again that, I’m able to do all things through Christ who energizes me, if only I don’t give up, I don’t get tired so quickly. I believe they would comfort you as

This also reflects to every area of our lives. The miracle that you require is so close, don’t give up, stay on the word, keep your focus on God’s word and what God has said about that situation. It can only get better for you. Just like me in class today, if I had waited just a bit longer, the answer would have sprung forth and would have been accepted. Just keep that faith burning for a little more time. That testimony is on the way. Be encouraged and comforted as God has comforted me today. It doesn’t matter if you even made the mistake just like I did today by giving up on myself, it will work out for your good. God is faithful to us his kids. Some of us could be going through this in our Jobs, homes, marriages, education, career, relationships e.t.c…where we have made mistakes, we are being discouraged because of one thing or another, no, you have not failed, it’s not over until you win. That’s what God has said about you. God is taking you somewhere so don’t be discouraged by the level you are in, just keep your focus on God’s words concerning you and you’ll surely arrive there, in time.

I know our future is bright, it is secure and God’s manifested presence will be evident in it in Jesus Name, Amen. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 says,

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort,  who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God”.

comfortBe comforted and be quick to pick out lessons that God opens your eyes to see in every situation or circumstance that you find yourself. Don’t be quick to crucify yourself or feel discouraged. God doesn’t see you or that situation that way. He believes in you to steer that ship to its destination, despite the storms that may be experienced. Against all odds you will triumph.

Let me end with this few words:

There’s no TESTIMONY without a TEST,testimony

There’s no TRIUMPH without TRIAL,

There’s no GLORY without STORY.

See you at the top my dear friends. I love you all and I’m glad I could share this with you guys. You all are wonderful.

Keep Illuminating.


Que Sera Sera ! Whatever will be, Will be ?

Christian Growth

Top of the world’s goodness to you my dear, I’m sure you had a good night rest. Well, I did myself. I’m always soo excited when its time to share posts with you guys, you guys are more than amazing. Today is a beautiful day and as we must have noticed, its one of the last Tuesday’s in this year 2013 and I don’t know about you, but for me I’m glad to be a part of it, making history in the land of the living, yaaaaaaaayy!!!que sera sera

Hmmmm, one of the world’s favorite quote “Que Sera Sera” is our topic of discussion today, its funny how most of us, including Christians still  stand by this quote in almost everything we do today. Even as you read, you are singing the popular song in your head, I soo used to sing this song eeh, lol. Well, I’m sorry what I’m about to say today might be against your judgement but really, what is the essence of Love and Reality if we don’t trash issues like this. So, let me begin by saying this: “WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE WILL BE” . If you don’t think so after the end of this post, then you should follow, comment and like the post so I can prove it to you in our upcoming posts, lol

There was no need to beat around the bush for this one because many of us need to hear this as it is. Nowadays, we live our lives in excuses for almost everything we are faced with. With quotes like this which put us on the safer side, we get too comfortable with the stages we are in life, even in our jobs, career, relationships, academics and so many other areas. This brings me to the issue of PURPOSE, do you know your purpose in life?, do you have a purpose in your job, career, relationship, marriage ? If these questions are not answered by us as we grow, we end up settling for “what life brings” , because the truth is that Life has nothing to offer anyone of us, we on the other hand were made to bring the good news, the beauty and as the bible will put it, “We have been called to show forth the excellencies of him that called us out of darkness into his marvelous light”, How, brilliant!, Isn’t GOD just simply amazing, we have answers to every question we ask Him. Anyhooo!, that is to say that “We are the Light of this World’. The faster we come to the reality of this truth, the better our lives will be.

The reality is that It is our responsibility to beautify our lives, God already did his part by blessing us with all that it takes to live a glorious and beautiful life so, take advantage of them today and stop relying on “whatever will be, will be”, for that way, we are saying to God that all we are is the best we can ever be, which is a big fat lie.

So, today I want you to develop and have the mindset that you own your world  and you can recreate it with your words (faith filled proclamations) actions and your prayers. Don’t stop there, where you are is not enough, you can be greater and much more better than you already are and it all starts and depends on your mindset (thoughts). Whatever point you have reached in your goals and aspirations, my advice to you is to stop measuring your life’s achievement with the world’s tape rule, as is the manner of most of us” rather, use the Word of God and what he has called you, a success, a victor, a joint heir with Christ, this is who you really are.

I’m hope you didn’t expect me too be soft on this issue? Love and reality is not to spice up your life but to totally beautify it, yes I dare say,.lol. Oya my time is up, and people biko, ejor, PLEASE, I need to get your comments, don’t just read and be blessed and smile, make comments, I wanna get to know my readers. Show me some love na, abeg, See YOU tomorrow,  Make sure you don’t forget to follow the blog.

Kip Illuminating!!