Hi people, HAPPY NEW  MONTH TO YOU AND YOURS, I welcome you specially into this Awesome and Great month of MAY,….it is indeed your month of Glory, Supernatural Miracles and beautiful testimonies that will abound for you in Jesus Name, Amen

So, I was nominated for this Award by my very own Catherine of She is one Sweet and Straight to the point kinda lady,..I enjoy all of her writings, very straight to the point like I said and informative, love you gurl.

and  Frances of 

She is my babe, very charming, supportive, loving and an inspiration I love her.

This award is meant to help you know your fellow bloggers better and network with other bloggers, as well as reveal fun facts about you to help your readers know you better.


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  1. I don’t like light or brightness in a room, I live in the dark most of the time, I even had to get dark curtains for my room, just to make sure I shield myself from the natural light….I wonder myself how weird I can get.
  2. I have never had (by had I mean, I have never, ever had a taste of) Pizza, Burger, Shawarma, or any pastry that has vegetables or sausage in it, in fact I just recently started eating fried rice with vegetables or even Gala (Nigerians know what I mean, lol), it’s hard to believe but that’s true, that’s me. The funny thing is that with all these my selection, people who have tried to change just give up because  I don’t think I’ll ever change, I’m too comfortable with it…..WIERDO


  1. Something else in line with the food talk that you don’t know about me, is that, I cannot eat any food that’s not prepared by my mum or my aunt (one particular one to be specific), my sisters, and three other of my friends which by the way took some time for me to adapt to. The reason, because I know some of you would be asking, is that there’s this weird feeling I get from my tongue to my throat that makes me wanna puke if I try to have even a taste of the food. Since I was little, I’ve been this way, so I’m already used to it already…..I WONDER WHY MYSELF


  1. I can be very very very very very and very persistent if I want something, I always get you to do exactly what I want, the good thing is that I do that very nicely, so, that magic always works….*wink wink*


  1. I have a very strong phobia for rats and mice, so much so that I’d rather accommodate a snake in my room(yes I mean that), than have a rat in my room for a second more, so since I live in a hostel, before you enter my room, you must be prepared to shut the door almost immediately, even if it means locking your foot out and entering only with your head,…lol…..hahahahah Hannah OOH


  1. I’m  waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too organized for my liking, I’m so detailed in everything, to the extent that I can’t handle loosing anything,..even a spoon I could go through any length to find it and if I don’t I feel like I lost something so dear to me, I have actually cried for a spoon before…….*Oh my dear spoon, I miss you*


  1. I wash my hands almost every time I step out, especially since I started living in the hostel. Before I come back into my room, even if it was just to attend to someone in front of my room…..hmmmmm, na so I neat reach?


  1. I (used to) procrastinate alot……….hmmmm,..I even pray about it, before I used to think there was a spirit behind it..lmao…true ooh,..FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WAIT FOR NEW POSTS FROM ME, NOW YOU KNOW WHY (covers face), but I’m getting better though, I’m improving everyday and I thank God for that……AMEN


  1. I don’t like trying new things, especially regarding food….I judge the book by its cover, I don’t need to taste it before I reject it, and NO, YOU CANNOT TAKE ME OUT FOR A SPECIAL DATE INVOLVING FOOD, BECAUSE I WILL DISAPPOINT YOU MY DEAR…..I’m very “LOCAL”, in fact the only soups I have ever tasted in my life and I eat, are, Egusi, Ogbono, Okro and Efo-Riro and THANK YOU I DON’T WANT MORE….
  2. I love people so much that I say I love you to everyone, even though we are not that close, just because I’m that loving and sweet, but I have never said I love you to my mum or my dad in front of them,…I just recently started saying that on the phone and I don’t think I’ve said that up to 4 times, but in my heart and my mind,…I say that all the time to them….that’s really weird I know but trust me….I’m gonna work on that this year when I get back to Nigeria…I’ve received special anointing for For those people wondering,…it’s not like we are not that close,’s just that I’m shy, I guess due to the way I was brought up when I was younger. hmm

So guys I just counted them and they are already complete…….wow,…I too am amazed at all these stuff….maybe if you want me to do a #30thingsAboutMe Tag, you can say that in your comment below, I’ll see what I can do about that.

WOW, this was truly a refreshing post to do,..I was laughing at myself all through and wondering what kind of person I am..

Thank you so much Catherine and Frances for this Nomination….I’m greatly Honored.

I love you both so so much.

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Thank you all so much for everything.

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