Ok guys,..I thought to loosen the air a bit with this joke I found,..its true that we’ve had these people sit beside us during all nights, and some of these people are you my readers as well, maybe I’ve taken the place of one number here,.lol, guess which one,..owk enjoy bye.

10 types of brethren you find during all night prayer-revised edition

1. That one who you see only during the first hour of the all night and then they disappear, the next time you see them is during the last hour of the Night (usually the sisters)…

2. That one who kneels and places their head on the chair and they continue bouncing even when the Pastor is announcing the next prayer point, they usually snap when an usher taps them.

3. That sister  who comes with, a towel, a blanket, a coffee flask…with this ones you just know that trouble is coming as soon as they enter like that.

4. That brother who is super active during the first part of the Night and then the next thing their are just pacing around slowly, nodding the head rhythmically

5. That one who is just super active during the night and looks at everyone as though they are nepeos, Brother we know your secret…you drank a red bull, no wonder you didn’t want me to use your bottle to go get water, lol

6. And then there this one who just shouts glory after Pastor shouted something and then you ask them what did the Pastor say… (o,o)

7. And then there is this one, constantly woken up by the ushers. This ones don’t care…they just sleep

8. Then there is this sister who always pulls out things from her bag, sweets, fruits…constantly chewing and eating!

9. This one, arrives in at around 1am when now everyone is on soft tongues mode…they come in and pull out all their strong tongues for an hour and then sits down and now all you see is the head rhythmically nodding

10. And then there is this one, say hallelujah somebody; this one just makes up their mind to be awake, no matter how tired they are…they just run a good fight of faith till the end! They sit when the pastor instructs them to do so… No red bull, no play…nothing. They are strong like that.

I’m sure you laughed after this, I want feed backs of which role you played once upon a time in an all night vigil, for those of us Nigerians, una rank number one. LOL
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