Chronicles of Esther 101: How Efficacious is God’s Favour?

Chronicles of Esther

Yes, our series has begun, yaaayyy!!, who is excited with me? I know you are.  As I promised, we will take this one step at a time, going through every bit of message that God wants us to know as we study our icon Esther.

So, it was a debate in my head as to whether to write about the features one by one or to target their lessons particularly, but I came up with something sha and that’s the approach I’ll be taking here. LET’SGOOO DERE!!!Image

Now the Bible describes Esther as a lovely and beautiful woman, though she was an orphan, she was brought up by her uncle, she was a noble Jew but a minority among her tribe. This is a woman that was paraded before the king to be chosen as bride for the king, but before then, she received instructions from her uncle not to disclose her identity and relations to the king or anyone in the palace till she was given an instruction to do so (Esther 2:10-11).

At this time, the king had just gotten rid of his disobeying wife and was in need of a new bride to be crowned his Queen. Esther found favor in the eyes of the King and kingsmen and was chosen as the Queen of the kingdom.

This brings me to the lesson for today:

The Efficacy of God’s Favour

Esther was not only predestined to be the saviour of her people, God granted her favour as jara on top. You see FAVOUR, is a product of Grace and is used to describe when someone is Preferred, Approved, Chosen, even when every standard to be met by the person wasn’t met. That was the case of Esther and it was bestowed on her by God, and you obviously know what this means; she also found favour before men. This caused her to be able to carry out her purpose victoriously and on time(Esther 2:17-18).

What I want to bring to our attention here is that like Esther, everyone of us has been given an assignment, a purpose in life, but above all that, we’ve been given the grace like Esther to carry them out free course unhindered. God is such an amazing God. Did you ever think that God would send you into the battle field without your weapons, no, like my pastor would say, a thousand times no. God knows the beginning from the end and all that it would take for us to come out successful has already been given to us. If you follow my subsequent posts, you’ll find out how God’s favour helped Esther in succeeding.

Just like Esther, we were born for such a time as this, in your family, marriage, career, community, state, country, you are the solution that it needs. Where you are in life is not a mistake, who you are, or the family you were born into, is definitely not a coincidence. The world needs you and the moment we realize who we are, the more brighter our lights will shine.

Maybe you’re in a situation where you are faced with difficulty, rise up to the challenge. Like Esther, God has called you the solution, it doesn’t matter what place you think you are, perhaps the victim, you are still the solution it needs, for you are there at such a tym as this, to bring victory for you and all that concern it, to the Glory of God. One thing you should always remember is that you’ve been Graced with Favour so you are always gonna be on the advantage, you are not powerless, you are loaded with all of God’s blessing, that’s what Grace is about. This should be your mindset, even in this last days of the year. You can still achieve the goals that you set to achieve in the beginning of the year for its not over until you WIN. It is not by your power or by your might, so do not think that you can achieve these results by your actions, your hard work or by your intelligence (don’t depend on them), you must choose to work with the favour of God in your life. The day you acknowledge it, is the day it will start working for you.Image

Perhaps, it’s in your finances, maybe you are struggling with your health, God has made you the answer. Like Esther, Act in faith to God’s word. You are empowered and nothing can stop you, this is your season, your hour and your time.

Let’s choose to see ourselves and our circumstances with God’s eyes and tackle them God’s way as well. Our lives will be more glorious and beautiful.

Today, our assignment is to acknowledge the favour of God in our lives and make a decision to walk in it from today and into the new year as well. God has helped us in Jesus Name, Amen.

Confession: My life is not Ordinary, I am Favoured and Graced beyond measure and I can never be disadvantaged because Christ is my Advantage in Jesus Name, Amen

Do have a glorious day. I’m sure you were blessed by this post, the next post on this series is coming up soon, so get ready for it.

I wanna hear how God’s favour has saved and used you this year, please share them in the comment section bellow. I’d really love for you to participate in this, don’t just read through and be blessed, I also wanna be blessed by your comments, they’ll literally make my day. Thank you sweeties

Kip Illuminating


Hello loves, How have you been? How was your week? My God!! I missed y’all so much. I even dreamt of you sef, Yes you! I’m talking about you that’s reading this post right now. If you’re wondering how possible that is, then send your comment after this post and I’ll tell you how and what the dream was about (no kidding), lol. I’m sorry I didn’t upload any posts for the last two days, I had alot to attend to. But I’m glad I’m back, I know you missed me as well.

Before I get too excited about you, let’s stop the chatter and cut to the chase. Today’s post is an introduction into something mind blowing and I chose to use that word because it’s a revelation to how deep the Love of God is, which is exactly what Love and Reality is all about.(You know I won’t dare keep these things to myself, I love you too much to do that and too loaded not to share them).

At 12pm today, I was having that special time with the Holy Spirit, through the Word and I decided to study the book of Esther as instructed by my Man of God and it became such a passionate moment with the spirit of God.

Reading through the very short book of Esther, it was amazing how powerful, yet precise this book reavealed the power of the Favour and Grace  of God. There were soo many lessons to learnt, it was an eye opener of the greatness of God in a man’s life and the purpose of God for a man of which is important for us, if we want to fulfill and live our purpose in life.

Inspiring and very profound were the revelations I got from that book, that if I don’t share it, I won’t be living out the calling of the blog. So, for the next couple of days, just before Christmas day, we’ll be cutting through the book of Esther and how it affects our lives in general and our purpose on earth.  The subsequent posts will definitely affect our lives in an extraordinary way by the help of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus Name.

Today I’ll be introducing our Icons that will feature in this series, they are truly Lights and they allowed themselves to be used by God to bless us in this marvelous way. So, we’ll be celebrating them in Love and Reality because they are a huge inspiration to Us (Y’all know that in Love and Reality, we are grateful and thankful people), as well as those that God has used to teach us these great lessons that I’ll be sharing.

I present to you :Image

Esther, aka Hadassah, a beautiful and lovely young woman, an orphan raised by her uncle Mordecai, a virgin from the Jews and a minority within the minority of her tribe,

Mordecai, Esther’s uncle, a Jew and a Man of God, also a minority among the whole kingdom that king Ahasuerus reigned and ruled,

Haman, an enemy of the Jew and one of the Kings Men, with a wife and friends, he loved power and was greatly feared among the people,

King Ahasuerus, the King of the 127 provinces, from India to Euthiopia. Married to Vashti, he was a Great King and feared among all kingdoms,

Vashti, wife of the king and a bad example to women.

These people played a huge role in this series  and the lessons that God wants us to learn in our lives. So, I’m as excited as you are to learn these truths.

Just because I don’t wanna compile all the stories in one, for it will be too much to assimilate at ones and tiring as well (dats for sure, i can read your minds, lol), I chose to break them down, today was just an introduction and I thank you for your time and for listening. I look forward to your comments and participation in the upcoming posts. God bless you and grant you understanding as we dive into the moments of victory Esther had with God.

Have an awesome weekend, till our next post, KIP ILLUMINATING, I LOVE YOU

Chronicles of Esther