Hi Everyone, I know I haven’t posted in a while and I owe you, but this is one post that I just had to share with you guys and I even had to share it without taking permission (please Charles, don’t come and flog me in Ukraine ooh) lol.
I laughed until I slapped my self on the cheek and started to cry.
It was done by one of my very first male bloggers that I absolutely love. He blogs in a very unique and inspiring way and you guys would understand me when you finish reading this post. Make sure to go check his blog and and follow him to get more of this juicy stuff on the go. Thanks Charles for letting me share in advance. Love you.

Enjoy your read my friends and don’t forget to thank me in the comment section. lol


Nigerians are very ‘funny’ people in every sense of the word. No logic is yet defined to explain away our idiosyncrasies.
In dealing with a Nigerian there are two things you should bear in mind.
As an undergrad we read a drama book “Who is Afraid of Tai Solarin” and the book left an indelible mark upon my soul in dealing with Nigerians.
The summary is the colonialists were frustrated at the limited effort of the newly introduced judicial system. Many natives didn’t have faith in it and not a few lie through their teeth even on oath.
In the midst of this crisis came a native judge who understood the psyche of the Nigerian soul.
During the administration of the oath with the Bible or Quran, the judge leans enough to whisper to the oath taker:
“Beware of what you say, there’s ‘Olugbohun’ inside this bible!”
Hot palpitation rang…

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