Hello everyone, beautiful people so dear to my heart, how well are you doing (notice I didn’t ask how you are doing but how well you are doing, as you can only do well), hope great things are happening for you and through you. I have indeed missed our very special communication. I know how the flow has been since the beginning of the year and by flow I mean the manner in which I have written posts and the consistency in which I have followed up on the posts. So in this post I have written down the plans and schedules that will go on for the next few months on the blog until I write my qualifying exams (which of course has been the reason for my going AWOL intermittently and I sincerely apologize for that).

Moving on from that state of Guilt, I am happy to announce that you will definitely begin to reap from your labor of typing in and searching for my blog, so to speak to get a dose of its beautiful, rich and transforming content.

The first change you might have already observed is the fact that the blog has been renamed somewhat. Although you will find that the name is originally the name used for the web address of the blog, so its not totally new.

PHRONESIS (will do a brief and insightful post on the name soon so all your questions will be answered), by the way for those who don’t have any I deal, its a Greek word.

ImageSecondly, I will now submit posts twice in a week. This is because, it will help balance the time I spend with other important things and with you guys, however, I might drop in posts in between these days depending on how free I am and what post I have prepared. But just to be orderly and for you to be expectant, I choose to make it twice in a week on Mondays and n Fridays (y’all should clap for me ooh, its a big deal *smiling*)

So be expectant to receive a mail or an alert on your reader that I have published a new post.

This is mine and your year of Greatness and so, we will do great things together. I know I can bank on your cooperation. With that, I wanna really appreciate everyone of you, you have shown me that you believe in me. I know I have found a family in you guys. From the messages I get from few of you, it makes me wanna keep doing this. God has blessed you immensely, you’re all soo lovely.

Having made my point clear, I wanna say that today’s posted is counted for a post, even though some of you might already be saying, “OJORO HANNAH” in your minds, lol. I cannot shout ooh, I have to seize the opportunity na, or what would you do if you were in my shoes. lolImage

Anyway, you should expect a post on Friday or before then, anything is possible.

I still have enjoyed my writing to you today. It’s always a pleasure and a privilege that i’m grateful for.

With so much love in me for you, I say, have a beautiful and glorious week ahead.


Don’t stop saying who you are, you are a success going somewhere to happen. I believe in you all.

You can send me a personal message and reach me on,

kip Illuminating


26 thoughts on “GREAT NEWS

  1. First thing I noticed ,when I came here was the new look. I like to call it classy! Well done.
    As for scheduling your posts, we all have to do that dear! We can’t spend all time blogging. Looking forward to more great posts from you as usual. love

    1. Awww, OMG, this is just amazing. I wasn’t expecting this atal. I opened this comment just to see ur words of encouragement, and here’s what I get, a Nomination for a blog award. This really speaks volumes to me. I’m so blessed by this and you love has touched me so much. Thank you dear Uje. I love you now and always. I’ll go to ur blog now and do the necessary. Thanks

  2. First read on your blog and your enthusiasm jumped at me like a bug…
    How on earth I haven’t discovered you on the web?
    The positive vibes/energy flowing out of this space is a calling and i pray you the grace to see through your new commitments.
    As for me, I like reading great blogs like yours and when posts get overwhelming, i tend to lag behind and get discouraged… therefore, i think the twice a week schedule is good enough for us to keep up with your great contents and for you to develop a bond with your followership.

    1. Awww Charles, you just made my day. Thank you soo much, you too are very special and your blog too, You are such a huge encouragement to me. I love you kindness dear *Big Hug*

  3. Hello dearie, thanks for stopping by at my blog. Love yours already, your warmth jumps out of your posts. I can see some of my favorite bloggers here already (Lizzie, Dr N and Frances).. Big hug forming, glad to be here. Reaping already from the sowing act of being here.

    Stay connected to God and enjoy the excellence that His Spirit reflects. It is in your nature because you have a God nature.
    Bless your heart dear Hannah and all the best in your exams!
    God bless you.

    1. Awww,…Eloxie, you are an inspiration ooh, lemme beta let u knw nw. I love ur blog and u already knw that. I’m happy u commented dear, wanna see more of you wella. Amen to your prayers. I’m born of God, ZOE is at work in me ooh. Yes, we have a God nature, powerful.
      **Biggest hugs to you***…love you dear

  4. Lool funny u are still ojoro sha..:p.anyways I guess its good we know when to run to our mails to get ur updates πŸ™‚ I am delighted to say d least..looking forward to more insightful posts from you even as God continues to inspire you. Lest I forget I wanna wish u sucees in advance for your forthcoming exams. I pray for Favour and grace even as you prepare for them. I guess till friday when we hear from you.Take care love

    1. My own Odunayo, ese gann ooh, Amin Oruko Jesu fun adura yen,…lol Thanks for also cracking me up with ur comment as well and u enncourage me. Ur d best. I will do u proud in the exams.

  5. Hannah, Ojoro! *tongue out*..this is just news,you must publish another write up
    Your schedule is same with mine, mondays and fridays, tis not easy but God is our muscle yeah? Yes!
    Please do write more, we want to hear moreeee from you.

    1. AWWWWW, u make me wanna smile throughout the day, except dat wen I’m eating my food will fall out of my mouth. Plus I really wanna enjoy my long awaited eba and egusi soup today…..nd yea yea we have the same schedule, even makes the news greater.
      lmao, God na our muscle ooh.
      I will do my very best darling….ur d best, love you too, muah

          1. Lol….Is it just me or haven’t we all missed Lizzie on this blog. Hmmmm, I feel like u haven’t been here in a while. Missed seeing ur comment and part of the reason is because I haven’t been faithful to blogging lately.
            Evryone is nw calling me OJORO *tears*
            I will post tomorrow morning ma…better be first to comment.

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