Have you discovered the Treasure?

Christian Growth

Before my admission was accepted in the School I’m presently studying at, just like it’s common for most Nigerian undergraduates, I had to go through several Institutions. Now, I finally am in school and getting closer to completing my medical program (Thank God). However, there have been quite some hitches I’ve experienced in this Journey. Suffice it to say, I’ve not had such a smooth ride in the area of friendship, communication and self expression. It had felt like I was literally in total Isolation in my world.

Several times, I would call Home (Nigeria) and lodge a complaint. Sometimes it was about the people, other times the school, then I would grumble and protest about how I no longer wanted to study medicine if it would make me this solitary.

My Father would say to me in His Nigerian and tribal Articulation,

It is your Life, if you can’t endure the pain for the time being, you can come home and learn a trade, It would save me a lot of time and money“.

I had felt no one understood “what I was going through”, that I could not take it anymore. I even went as far as searching for other areas of information that I could go back home to gratify in.

I would say to you that, In my years of being born again, I had never felt exasperated or disappointed. Life had always had that stench of Hope hovering around me. So this made me fragile. I didn’t think I could attain to anything as regards my education. This new mindset had influenced my grades, my outlook to going the extra mile in my studies, to say the least, I wasn’t even reading anymore. I just kept trying to get someone who would understand me and explain to my parents why I needed to leave my school.

Thank God for the Word of God, thank God for my Pastor, thank God for ministry materials and tapes. Today, I can tell you that, even though the circumstances didn’t change, my attitude and mindset did change and they have helped me get to this stage that I am in my education. Glory to God.

This personal story reminds me of where some of us are in our lives. Even though it’s the first week of the Month of this new year 2014, it doesn’t mean that we have new jobs, homes, relationships, marriages. it doesn’t mean that as we entered the year, we were given the promotion that we needed, the raise in salary that we need or deserve. Even the appreciation or commendation from our wives, employers, students, bosses, leaders, children or even our parents, have not come forth. As a matter of fact, it’s still the same as it was right before we got out for the holidays.

This brings me to the message I have for you in today’s post. I want to believe I am talking to you, the Christian, the one who knows who he is in Christ and just in case that’s not you, I’m talking to you who wants a better life, a life that brings you into the realizations of all the goals, dreams, visions and aspirations you’ve set and want to achieve in this year. Trust me, you wanna record such outstanding and supernatural achievements in this year.treasure

Did you know that in that situation you are in, there’s something God wants you to SEE? Can you stop the complaining and let the strategist in you show forth? Can you discover the treasure?

Sometimes, all we see are Challenges, “Oh what I’m going through”. I want you to realize that wherever you are in life, it maybe that company, that family, that office, that relationship, that City, that school, that marriage, you are there because God wants you to see something. There is a treasure there that God wants you to discover.

You have a voice that must be heard. You see, a soul winner is an extraordinary strategist. Stop complaining about where you work, the position you hold. Have you discovered those of them there who do not know Jesus, who haven’t received Jesus? God has given all of us an opportunity. Before you start looking at the condition, look for those who are not saved around you. That’s what I mean by discovering the treasure. God wants you to discover a treasure there and the Holy spirit will help you see (Acts 1:8).

Are you a witness for Jesus? When I ask this I’m not asking you how many posts you’ve blogged on Righteousness, Salvation or Repentance. This is not about, how many good characters you exhibit at home, your work place or school that show you are a Christian. I mean, are you proud of Him at your work place, school, city, bold enough to preach this message to those who have not heard it. Or you are the type that would say “Isn’t that for the evangelism unit in church?”

You see, this is your reasonable service. It’s the proof of your Love for Jesus. Are you in a place and say you have the Holy Spirit and there’s no conviction of sin for the unbeliever? Then I dare say, that your Holy Spirit is being held down, discouraged and inactive. The Holy Spirit didn’t just come to be YOUR helper. He is A helper. He needs you to express Himself, to cause these changes, to draw these souls out of darkness into Light.

Are you apologetic about your Life, being a Christian? Maybe when its lunch time at work and your colleagues are discussing about a matter and your obvious contribution should have been from the mindset of a Christian, but you choose to keep quiet, so you are not called “Holy Holy”. You’re not free to sing praises to Him because you’re afraid you might not be able to fit in, maybe in class or at work. No wonder, He called us His ambassadors, His representatives.

Do you not know what the Holy Spirit in you is called? A helper! He makes you Influential. Are you somewhere you work and you are still asking “well nobody likes me, my boss is never satisfied”? There’s no more self pity when it comes to you. That’s what I realized as I studied God’s word. You are a Helper of People, that’s a ministry you have by the Holy Spirit. That means that if someone is falling, I should pick the person up. If someone is sad or anxious, I should put a smile on that person’s face.

We have become the expression of God. Make up your mind to be that way in this year 2014. Reach out to people by preaching the Gospel to them, transforming lives, giving their life a meaning. It will surprise you how many people around you, in your sphere of contact haven’t received Jesus, how many people need some encouragement today. If you Know God, you’ll know His number one business is SOUL WINNING. Make it your  number one goal this year, to see that the lost around you receive DIRECTION and SALVATION by telling them about Jesus. It’s not your JOB to save them, but God needs you to reach out to them first and the Holy Spirit will take over (Romans 10:14). Don’t say, “well no one has come to me that I have not strengthened” or “I do give them devotionals to read ooh”. Get Up and GO TO THEM.

The reason why I decided to blog on this today is because I know most of us are busy setting goals and making efforts to be the best of us in 2014. It begins with your commitment to God’s own business. Let’s not be carried away by the accomplishments of this world. Do you preach because you want to satisfy your own ambition or because you want people to say “wow, this brother or sister is such a committed Christian”? The very popular John 3:16, exposes us to the extent of God’s Love for Men and you are like your father, remember. Let us take up this ministry because we want the Glory of God to be established.

So take advantage of the place you are today. It’s an opportunity to Lighten up that place and trust me, your life can only get better because you’ve taken God’s business as your number one business. No wonder Mathew 6: 33 tells us about how we can have all things come to us without struggle. It’s already a Law that God has commanded to happen. You must understand your purpose as a Light. You were made to bring direction, just like Jesus. The apostles of old have handed us the baton, it’s now in our hands. Come to think of it, they lived glorious lives, they were bundles of testimonies.

Today, I’ve discovered the treasure in my city, my school and my career. I now live in abundant Joy every day, because I realized that, I was the Light that God had sent to give direction to the men here. Though the experience keeps teaching and strengthening me, I promise you my life here has been filled with testimonies of favour, love, grace and God’s abundance upon me. Because I chose to discover the treasure.

I urge you today, not to complain, nor be discouraged. I want you to open your eyes and SEE what God wants you to see. It is only to your advantage. In no time, you’ll be placed in that better place of opportunity by God himself and He will Magnify i.e. make you Great in the sight of others. It’s God’s choice to make you great this year.

Ensure to walk in the Light of this information you’ve just received. Don’t just read it and say “thank you Jesus”. Get up now, square your shoulders, be bold, confident and take advantage of the indwelling presence of the helper and extraordinary strategist inside of you. Your success is guaranteed, be confident about it.

I on this side am cheering for you as you make evident the excellencies of God upon your life this year. Seize the Moment. Discover the treasure. I did it, I’m still doing it with full force this year and so will you.

I’d love to hear your progress concerning this, your questions or direct messages can be sent to me @ missproductivehannah@yahoo.com

I know for sure that this year will surpass our expectations. Let’s all be a testimony as regards this matter. God bless you and empower you for the work ahead.

I have no apologies for this post being this long, it was necessary. Thank you, lol or don’t you agree with me?

If you do, don’t forget to post your comments and add to what I’ve said on the comment section below.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and have a Great Year my people.

I love you.

Kip Illuminating!


52 thoughts on “Have you discovered the Treasure?

  1. looooooooooooooved your comment and explanation!!!! I wish you could go on.
    God bless u babes! A woman of faith and deep understanding you are. May God keep you that way.
    As God’s word says.. ”Deep is calling out to deep in the roar of your waterfalls. Psalm42v7

    1. looooooooollll,…it was long abi,…Maybe I will do a post on it,…Amen my dear,….day by day we grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. YOU too are filled with Wisdom and it will manifest in your daily life’s choices in Jesus Name. God bless you dear,..you’re a superstar

  2. Dear Miss tenderonii

    I have been here a couple of times to see if you’ve updated your blog which you haven’t.
    nawa for you oo..lol. You just disappeared…

    anyways, I wrote a post and shared a link recently on my blog which I think you might be interested in since we share the same faith and I would love your opinion as well.

    Thank you.

    1. OHHH, my God…..I’m so sorry dear, I have had exams and we just started a new semester, I didn’t know I would be this occupied,..you know what today, I’ll be sure to upload something. So sorry dear, I feel bad now,..#crying…I’ll check the article out now…..pls forgive me

      1. forgiven already 😀

        Aww @exams. I never knew o. I wish you God’s best in the exams. Infact you’ve surpassed them all. Just as Daniel and the 3 hebrews surpassed their contemporaries.

        The Lord be with you…

      2. Hannah dear, didn’t know you were writing exams too but then of course you know you will have/have not just success but good success already, so just go forth and take hold of it. waiting for the testimony as regards the results. much love dear

        1. AWWW..my love,..thank you for the reassurance. Indeed you’re the best. I’ll be sure to blog about it, muah muah muah. I’m sorry I haven’t posted any blog in a month now, wow has it been that long….OMG, OOOOOPS

    1. Thank you Timi,…you know u inspire me too, and you know I reap from this remedy everyday, even last night I led a soul to Christ and the guy is soo passionate to know who Jesus really is, I was so excited. It makes everything worth it.
      Thanks for your comment dear,..I sure am inspired by the post aswell

  3. Lovely post! i just stumbled on this blog and post – Amazing! I value blogs that dish out quality content that contribute positively to the lives of readers not just the regular entertainment everyone jumps into these days. this blog is sure one of the few blog out there with quality content. thank you for sharing this. Jisike!

    1. Awww Emeka,…these words that you’ve spoken sure are from the mouth of God,..its soo pure and encouraging. I appreciate you too Emeka….I’ll definitely get to your blog and I’m sure I’ll see same. God bless you dear.

  4. Thank you for this word in season! You are certainly not alone in this (feeling unsure academic wise etc) but I’m glad that your experiences have equipped you to better serve those that are stuck in the same cycle of depression and immobility. I loved your message and I will be visiting it from time to time. You have a powerful gift in you, don’t let the enemy trick you into thinking you have a communication issue. It is a trick to silence your ministry. Be blessed in Jesus name! 🙂

    1. wow, worship, this comment sincerely brought tears to my eyes. This is really passionate and because its a huge area of concern for me, I thank you for these encouraging words. I love you and God bless you. A huge Amen to your prayers for me. I love you and thanx soo much Worship. This means alot

  5. When I started appreciating what I had, what I didn’t have did not matter so much. I am discovering every day (I am not quite there yet that God has given us the gift of joy and cliché as it may sound it will never come from any tangible possession or achievement. Great post.

    1. Thank you Eniola, truly, when we appreciate, we always end up happy and content, and most of all ready to receive more from God. No wonder the MOG Nehemiah said, the Joy of the Lord is my Strength.
      Thank you for your comment and stopping by. God bless you

  6. Wow, all these coming from a young lady? I am so encouraged. Your parents I’m sure are very proud of you though they might not show it. It is well with you my sister, I wish you a happy new year.

    1. Awwwww mummy,..I feel so encouraged m,..I should covert you to my Blog mama already. Thank you so much for these kind words, you’ve inspired me to do better today. God bless you ma. Thank you for commenting ma, it means soo much. I’m sure I’ll be blessed by your blog too.

  7. I really enjoyed your post. Most times we’re so busy concentrating on our problems and worries and we forget that which is most important which is to witness for Christ. It even helps to fade the worries away cos while we’re concentrating on doing God’s work, we pay less attention to our problems and he in turn minds them for us. For me, no more complaints this year. Ill be too busy doing God’s will.

    1. I’m really happy you did. Its more easy to complain than to act on Gods word and dats actually the challenge we all face. Like you, this year will definitely be busy for me, doing the work of the father. Thanks ma’am….you are the best.

  8. My dear hannah,you should have seen me nodding my head while reading. On a personal level,work has really been stressful for me and somethings i feel i am at my wits end. I told an older Christian in church about it and she said, most times God brings people into demanding situations so that they can learn to cope with pressure. Indeed God does somethings for a whole lot of reasons unknown to us but our attitude at that particular phase matters alot. God bless you for this inspiring piece.

    1. Ooh my dear Tosin,…how me and our blog have missed you……I hope that the stress and those feelings have calmed down. You know what dear, you can only make progress and all things will work together for your good. It doesn’t matter what we face, lets respond correctly, you got that right dear. I’m blessed just reading your comment,…God bless you with peace and grace for you Job and all that concerns you. Love you Honey.

  9. …in every situation, there’s something God wants you to see. That’s very true. We often forget the work of the Holy Spirit and our duty as Christians. May God help us all. Wish you the best in school dear. Thanks for stopping by. Would def be coming here too


  10. I am so glad I found u on d blogosphere! I wasn’t surprised wen I found out we attend d same ministry lol. But really I find it words soooo inspiring! I need to feature u on my blog sometime. I will def send u an email soon. Keep shining babe!

    1. AWwwwww, there I was admiring your blog, not knowing you wer family…My sweet sis, this must go beyond the blogsphere ooh. I’m in love already. I LOVE your blog Thanks for commenting and finding the post inspiring. I look forward to that email. Thanks ma Lady..muah

  11. I met you too on the crazy Nigerian blog. I searched you out and am glad I did. Cheers, my sis! Keep shining, for it’s our year of greatness! Love you loads.

    1. wow, it’s amazing how just commenting wisely on another blog gets you to meet such amazing people as yourself Ani,…I’m glad you did search me out. I’m soo happy to have you hear. I’ll def keep shining and I know you would. Indeed its our YEAR OF GREATNESS. I’d love to see more of you here. God bless you darling. Love you plenty…muah

  12. This is so right…I love the part where you said, in every situation there’s something God wants us to see…that is so very true…I’ve learnt to stop murmuring and complaining but rather fulfil the purpose and achieve the target for which I am in that situation…and it gives me so much peace

    1. In fact that word “Peace” that you’ve just used sums the whole message up. Once we’ve discovered and acted on what God intends for us to see.. there’s just this peace that we carry. Its immeasurable. Thank you Uje a.k.a Favour for bringing this to us. Enjoy your week and don’t forget to smile. *winks

  13. ehem** I’ve finally read the ‘long’ post..lool
    But You nailed it all. You hit home and I don’t even know what to add to your post anymore. Your write up was wonderful and spoke to inactive christians out there..The end is at hand, the darkness is taking over and we are the LIGHT that can lead people out. We are the SALT of the earth. A tasteless salt is thrown out to be throdden under foot so there’s no point.
    That’s why God sent us the comforter. We are not to mix with the world but to show people the way out and pray for them in our private times. That’s the business about Christianity. Not being ashamed to proclaim Christ wherever you go, wherever you may be. Do your part and leave the rest for God. It pisses me off when ppl classify Christianity as a Religion and they go on to say all sorts that we’re trying to shove our beliefs down their throat. Me I don’t shove it down. I’ll say my own and pray for you. EVen God gives us a choice to serve him or the devil But the Love of Christ in us makes us reach out to the lost souls. Sometimes it even irks me when in the workplace, you call yourself a christian and ppl don’t even see you as such. They see you as part of them. Your attitude, your words etc, they don’t even depict Christ, forgetting that we have an account to give and that Whoever loves God will keep his Commandments. So i tell ppl when they start classifying..
    Christians as this and that…fornicator, liars, adultery, envy,malice keeper and all sorts. I tell them it’s only ppl that want to be deceived that will deceive themselves because Jesus said…, By their fruits, you’ll know them.’
    He also went on to say ‘Not everyone who calls me Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven’
    My sheep know my voice and I know my sheep.
    It’s that simple. Christianity is not a tag you put on your head, it’s a Way of Life. There’s no way you’ll encounter the father through Christ Jesus and just walk out. Paul mentioned it is impossible because they crucify Jesus once more and it would have been better if you’ve not been in the faith before than receive it and go back to your vomit.
    I pray God helps other christians there as well and make them strong because with the rate at which things are going, many people are confused and have stopped setting their hearts on the things on God but on the world.
    haaa, see my epistle..
    Ok, i’m done 🙂

    1. Yes Oh. you needed to add this epistle to mine…..the word must be published in the hearts of men. Thanks girl,….”My sheep hear my voice and I know my sheep” very powerful from Jesus. God bless you honey. Love to see more of you.

  14. Hannah,this post was just spot on!
    If we could see the number of persons that need words of encouragement around us,we will never let God’s light within us dim for a minute.
    May God grant us grace to discover the treasure in every situation we go through,amen!

  15. I loveeee your blog
    secondly, you know what brought me here? Your comment on a crazy nigerian’s blog. It was wise and so I had to search you out..lool and follow you as well since I happen to blog Christ though I talk about him through my stories and series.
    Most def, I’m coming back to read most if not all of your posts..
    Much love…and more grace to uuu

    1. Thank you soo much for searching me out dear. and deciding to read my posts. I’m blushing now because of your compliment. God bless you dear. Amen to your prayers. I’m gonnacheck you out right now….lol

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