My Letter to our Lord Jesus

Christmas Musings

ImageDear Lord Jesus,

I write this letter in tears, not tears of sadness or mourning, no not that kind of tears lord.

I’m crying out in awe of you. Just here in my room trying to fathom how awesome someone can be to love this much, just to thinking of how you would be submissive not just to life but to death, to the cross, u know,..I stand amazed.

Since I was born, I heard stories of you and what you did for the world, of how you subjected to the will of the Father to bring salvation and eternal life (ZOE) to all men even when it meant that you would be crucified on the cross. I mean these are people who you never knew of before or had any prior relationships with.  I was told of how you lived your life, the extent of sacrifice you made, the vices and temptations of life that you overcame, just so you could fulfill your mission which was to save my life, Oh dear Lord I stand amazed.

In 2001, I decided to identify myself with you by accepting you for what you did for me and every man who lived and who will ever live in this world. I accepted you as my Lord and personal Saviour and received your Holy Spirit who now lives in me to be with me since you no longer live on earth physically. You see, being born again exposed me to the depth of your love for me. It brought me to that place where I realized that even if I was the only human who was created, you still would have come and died for me, I still stand amazed.

To be honest, I wondered how I could live this life you wanted for me, a life pleasing to the father, because, you see, I saw you as my WAY, my TRUTH and my LIFE *oh rakabasojote* (speaking in tongues), You are to me my Icon. Then I realized that you didn’t just stop at laying down your life for me to give me eternal life, (as if that wasn’t enough) you continued by leaving with me the gift of the Holy Spirit to live in me, meaning that you didn’t leave me alone to go through this life, you had in me a helper, a standby, a comforter, a strengthener, a guide, an advocate, the anointing and boyyy have I been soo privileged and blessed to have you live inside of me, it has made my  life easier and worth living.

This realization and consciousness has made me a champion in life. By the epignosis (revelation knowledge)of your word, I’ve been able to ginosko (know) you and understand what this package of salvation you gave me is all about. The eyes of my understanding has been flooded with light and indeed it has been a sweet experience, as you’ve steered me in the right path not leaving me helpless. It has been Upward and Forward since I met you.

Our relationship not only saved my life, but with all that you’ve invested in me, I’ve been able to save others and bring solution to other lives (you see, you not only gave me the fish, you taught me how to be a fisherman ). It has made me a saviour, because of you my life has now become the good news.  Little wonder, we say we are the reason for the season. Oh, how you love me,  and what a testimony you have made me because you are more than a testimony.

You are the best friend any one could ever have, and you’ve taught me what friendship is all about. You keep being a true definition of Love to me. Oh how I love you! Though sometimes I have made mistakes and gone against your plan and will for me, you never pushed me away, instead, the warmth of your embrace gave me peace, you never shut me out. I still stand amazed.

Oh, Jesus, you are my shepherd, You are my guide. You are the Lord of my Life, You are my King.

You are my Increase, You are my song. You’ve been the potter as I’ve been your clay

You are the strength of my Life, You are my peace. You are my helper, You are my God

Oh, Jesus you are more than enough for me.

So today marking your birthday, I celebrate you and not only your death, but your resurrection from the dead (yaaaaaayyyyy you’re not some dead God, you are alive and alive in me for that matter). I wanna say thank you for being such a wonderful friend indeed. I worship you today, with the fruit of my lips, from the depth of my heart, with the lifting up of my hands, I say you are Great and Greatly to be praised.

Precious Jesus, I thank you for your blood, I thank you for your body that was broken for me and I remember all you’ve done for me, no I don’t forget. Thank you for the perfect sacrifice that you wrought in victory, all for my sake.

Thank you soo much dear friend, Lord and Saviour.

I love you.

Yours truly,


                                      Image Image

I know all my readers have this same testimony as I have about our mutual friend and saviour. So as you are reading this right now, I want you to live this Christmas season with the consciousness that “YOU ARE THE REASON FOR THE SEASON”. Thank you for being the Jesus that the world now sees.

I love you all and have your self a very merry Christmas filled with plenty of joy to share around to your world.

Stay Illuminating, muah.


17 thoughts on “My Letter to our Lord Jesus

  1. I truly love your beautiful letter, like an intimate prayer to the LORD. 🙂 I am in awe of GOD as well…HE is the highest above all. When I think about HIS glory, I am just left in wonder and amazed at HIS awesomeness that HE alone creates all things. It left me speechless, dumbfounded, even in tears. It is a joy to just think about the glory of GOD. Worshipping HIM is like love. GOD deserves our all, HE is a jealous GOD. 😉

  2. Hallelujah!!this post evoked so many emotions within me such as love,awe,wonder,joy..I was almost moved to tears at the love of God for mankind..itso amazing..deffo a spirit inspired post..btw pls what’s ZOE?thanks

    1. wow,..I’m glad you were moved by the most, I was moved by it after I read it over again, I kept crying, just couldn’t understand it. ZOE is the Greek word translated Life (eternal Life) the life Christ gave us when we got born again, while SOUKE is the life that the unbeliever has….they both mean life in the Greek but there’s a difference. ZOE is the God kind of life. Hope you understand it now.
      How was your day dear?

      1. Thanks for d clear explanation…I definitely like d sound of ZOE and would remain eternally glad at such gift only Christ could give to mankind..oh my day was mostly spent visiting relatives with the fam, it was both fun and exhausting at the same time..Yh and I ate quite a lot too lol..that’s pretty much it really..and you how did yours go?

        1. Wow, well…I spent most of my day calling and receiving calls. I couldn’t spend it with family because of where I school, so it was really something I wished I was at home to celebrate because hearing their voices made me feel a lil left out. It wasn’t funny atal ooh.As for food,..I din’t eat much but I was ok. Tomorrow I’ll eat plenty. Thanx for loving your gift from Christ. have a blessed season dear. I’m looking forward to seeing more of you here.

  3. On second thought,I have to say more,I stand amazed at His love.the understanding of how it is(which I’ll never get fully) still blows me away.
    I stand amazed at the fact that because of Him I have a new awesome life in Christ.
    I stand amazed at His humility.that the word was made flesh,born to us and dwelled among us.
    I stand amazed,I stand amazed and I pray that His love won’t end with me,it will spread through me to all.

    1. Lol,..first I didn’t wanna interrupt ur amazement by replying the other comment, u can be soo funny.
      Indeed you stand amazed and amen, It din’t end with you, you’ve succeeded in spreading it to me. Thank you for that Frances, love you and I must hear how today went for you at the end of the day ooh.

  4. …In the spirit of open letters …*chuckles*. This post resonated Hannah. Thank you for reminding us of and reaffirming the overwhelming gift of the Son for us. Indeed, its humbling to realize WE, yes WE are the reason for the season.
    Ahhh!I Love this God Forever!

    1. Yes Oh,…Thank you too dear, Indeed we are the reason for the season. I love you dear and we love Him forever, there’s no going bak,..I’m sure this early morning of Christmas is going great for you, may the rest of the day bring more beauty to your life. Amen

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