Hello loves, How have you been? How was your week? My God!! I missed y’all so much. I even dreamt of you sef, Yes you! I’m talking about you that’s reading this post right now. If you’re wondering how possible that is, then send your comment after this post and I’ll tell you how and what the dream was about (no kidding), lol. I’m sorry I didn’t upload any posts for the last two days, I had alot to attend to. But I’m glad I’m back, I know you missed me as well.

Before I get too excited about you, let’s stop the chatter and cut to the chase. Today’s post is an introduction into something mind blowing and I chose to use that word because it’s a revelation to how deep the Love of God is, which is exactly what Love and Reality is all about.(You know I won’t dare keep these things to myself, I love you too much to do that and too loaded not to share them).

At 12pm today, I was having that special time with the Holy Spirit, through the Word and I decided to study the book of Esther as instructed by my Man of God and it became such a passionate moment with the spirit of God.

Reading through the very short book of Esther, it was amazing how powerful, yet precise this book reavealed the power of the Favour and Grace  of God. There were soo many lessons to learnt, it was an eye opener of the greatness of God in a man’s life and the purpose of God for a man of which is important for us, if we want to fulfill and live our purpose in life.

Inspiring and very profound were the revelations I got from that book, that if I don’t share it, I won’t be living out the calling of the blog. So, for the next couple of days, just before Christmas day, we’ll be cutting through the book of Esther and how it affects our lives in general and our purpose on earth.  The subsequent posts will definitely affect our lives in an extraordinary way by the help of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus Name.

Today I’ll be introducing our Icons that will feature in this series, they are truly Lights and they allowed themselves to be used by God to bless us in this marvelous way. So, we’ll be celebrating them in Love and Reality because they are a huge inspiration to Us (Y’all know that in Love and Reality, we are grateful and thankful people), as well as those that God has used to teach us these great lessons that I’ll be sharing.

I present to you :Image

Esther, aka Hadassah, a beautiful and lovely young woman, an orphan raised by her uncle Mordecai, a virgin from the Jews and a minority within the minority of her tribe,

Mordecai, Esther’s uncle, a Jew and a Man of God, also a minority among the whole kingdom that king Ahasuerus reigned and ruled,

Haman, an enemy of the Jew and one of the Kings Men, with a wife and friends, he loved power and was greatly feared among the people,

King Ahasuerus, the King of the 127 provinces, from India to Euthiopia. Married to Vashti, he was a Great King and feared among all kingdoms,

Vashti, wife of the king and a bad example to women.

These people played a huge role in this series  and the lessons that God wants us to learn in our lives. So, I’m as excited as you are to learn these truths.

Just because I don’t wanna compile all the stories in one, for it will be too much to assimilate at ones and tiring as well (dats for sure, i can read your minds, lol), I chose to break them down, today was just an introduction and I thank you for your time and for listening. I look forward to your comments and participation in the upcoming posts. God bless you and grant you understanding as we dive into the moments of victory Esther had with God.

Have an awesome weekend, till our next post, KIP ILLUMINATING, I LOVE YOU

Chronicles of Esther

2 thoughts on “Introduction to the Chronicles of Esther

  1. The book of Esther is such an inspiring one and am waiting for your review 🙂
    Am so happy to be named after Esther, such a great woman..
    Now tell me what you dreamt about me *winks*


    1. Lol,..Uje (My own Esther) I’ll tell you at the end of the series. Watch out ooh, Its definitely great. Thank you dear, I’m looking forward to it as well.Its gonna be awesome. I’m enjoying your comments ooh.Thank you again dear.

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