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  1. I don’t like light or brightness in a room, I live in the dark most of the time, I even had to get dark curtains for my room, just to make sure I shield myself from the natural light….I wonder myself how weird I can get.
  2. I have never had (by had I mean, I have never, ever had a taste of) Pizza, Burger, Shawarma, or any pastry that has vegetables or sausage in it, in fact I just recently started eating fried rice with vegetables or even Gala (Nigerians know what I mean, lol), it’s hard to believe but that’s true, that’s me. The funny thing is that with all these my selection, people who have tried to change just give up because  I don’t think I’ll ever change, I’m too comfortable with it…..WIERDO


  1. Something else in line with the food talk that you don’t know about me, is that, I cannot eat any food that’s not prepared by my mum or my aunt (one particular one to be specific), my sisters, and three other of my friends which by the way took some time for me to adapt to. The reason, because I know some of you would be asking, is that there’s this weird feeling I get from my tongue to my throat that makes me wanna puke if I try to have even a taste of the food. Since I was little, I’ve been this way, so I’m already used to it already…..I WONDER WHY MYSELF


  1. I can be very very very very very and very persistent if I want something, I always get you to do exactly what I want, the good thing is that I do that very nicely, so, that magic always works….*wink wink*


  1. I have a very strong phobia for rats and mice, so much so that I’d rather accommodate a snake in my room(yes I mean that), than have a rat in my room for a second more, so since I live in a hostel, before you enter my room, you must be prepared to shut the door almost immediately, even if it means locking your foot out and entering only with your head,…lol…..hahahahah Hannah OOH


  1. I’m  waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too organized for my liking, I’m so detailed in everything, to the extent that I can’t handle loosing anything,..even a spoon I could go through any length to find it and if I don’t I feel like I lost something so dear to me, I have actually cried for a spoon before…….*Oh my dear spoon, I miss you*


  1. I wash my hands almost every time I step out, especially since I started living in the hostel. Before I come back into my room, even if it was just to attend to someone in front of my room…..hmmmmm, na so I neat reach?


  1. I (used to) procrastinate alot……….hmmmm,..I even pray about it, before I used to think there was a spirit behind it..lmao…true ooh,..FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WAIT FOR NEW POSTS FROM ME, NOW YOU KNOW WHY (covers face), but I’m getting better though, I’m improving everyday and I thank God for that……AMEN


  1. I don’t like trying new things, especially regarding food….I judge the book by its cover, I don’t need to taste it before I reject it, and NO, YOU CANNOT TAKE ME OUT FOR A SPECIAL DATE INVOLVING FOOD, BECAUSE I WILL DISAPPOINT YOU MY DEAR…..I’m very “LOCAL”, in fact the only soups I have ever tasted in my life and I eat, are, Egusi, Ogbono, Okro and Efo-Riro and THANK YOU I DON’T WANT MORE….
  2. I love people so much that I say I love you to everyone, even though we are not that close, just because I’m that loving and sweet, but I have never said I love you to my mum or my dad in front of them,…I just recently started saying that on the phone and I don’t think I’ve said that up to 4 times, but in my heart and my mind,…I say that all the time to them….that’s really weird I know but trust me….I’m gonna work on that this year when I get back to Nigeria…I’ve received special anointing for For those people wondering,…it’s not like we are not that close,’s just that I’m shy, I guess due to the way I was brought up when I was younger. hmm

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FAITH SUNESIS – Faith is……..


As my dear man of God Rev. Chris Oyakhilome would always say,

    “Faith, the response of the human spirit to the Word of God”

So many of us have had series of challenges that have challenged our faith in God. Most of us start out right in our faith walk, but along the line, we’ve come to the point where we start to stagger and soon enough, we give up and make conclusions about whether or not God wanted us to have what we desired.

So, if you’ve been in this situation, this post is here to encourage you, perhaps correct you in your walk of faith.

I have three distinctive definitions or descriptions of faith that I would engage my discussion on, because they best describe the character of faith.

Before we go into them, we must have it in mind and at heart, that FAITH IS ACTIVE, not passive. It’s a verb, as well as it is a noun. As we go on, you would understand where I’m coming from.


This is one of the very first words we see in the bible where it talks about faith and that can be found in Hebrews 11:1. What we mean by this definition is that, if for example you where hoping to get an Android phone within the first quarter of the year, your faith, is that Android phone. It means that if you say, you have faith, you mean that you have that Android phone already.

As unrealistic as that sounds, that is the reality. Faith is the reality. So what happens with you who has faith for that issue, you stop saying, I don’t have a phone, you rather continue to say, “I have my Android phone, it’s already available to me”. The bible says that your faith is the substance, so, in the mind of God, when you declared that you have that phone, everything in the world began to work on that word, to bring that phone to its tangible form, because you see, EVERYTHING that pertains to life and godliness, the bible says, has been given to us already but they are in their expandable form of existence and in order to bring them to their tangible form, your faith is what you need.


This second description is also very familiar with the Church. It is what it is. Faith is the evidence. I would use the example of the Man of  God, Pastor David Yonggi Cho, where he said that, at his early years of ministry, he really wanted a chair, a desk and a bicycle, so he prayed to God for them. He waited a while for them until God spoke to him and said, “you ask me for all these things without being specific, I have already answered you a long time ago, but you must be specific”, so right there as he realized that God had answered his prayer, he became more specific as to what type of chair, desk and bicycle he wanted. He said, he went back to church the next Sunday and announced to all his members that he has received a chair, a desk and a bicycle. So because obviously, it was not available, they asked, where are they if you say you have them? Then he said, “I’m pregnant with all three of them and I will soon give birth to them in due time”. I’m sure you won’t be surprised if I tell you that, not later than that same year, he had exactly all he prayed to the Lord in faith for. What am I saying? This man of God shows us that his faith was the evidence, that’s why he could announce to the whole church that he had a desk, a chair and a bicycle, even though in the human mind, that would have been called a lie or unrealistic. If a woman should say to you that she is going to have a baby in six months, all you need to see on her to believe her, is her stomach carrying a pregnancy. So also, your faith is that evidence that you have that job, that house, that business, that family, that idea, that contract, that child, e.t.c.


I’m sure all of us know what a title-deed is. It’s a document evidencing a person’s legal right to a property. For example, if you say you own a land in Abuja, Nigeria, what gives you the legal right to that property, is the title-deed. So if you were at a meeting and you were asked to show the evidence of you owning any property, you would have to present to them, the title-deed. They wouldn’t need to travel all the way to Abuja, Nigeria, to see the land or property, all they need is the title-deed. Faith is that title-deed, my brothers and sisters, It’s your proof of ownership to that need or desire. So, have faith, act on the word of God.

Faith is the response of the human spirit to the Word of God. That goes beyond the senses. It is beyond the realm of reasoning. That you feel it, doesn’t mean you have it. You don’t reason out God’s word concerning you. God’s word is not subject to reasoning. IF GOD SAID IT, SO IT IS.

Faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, and to be certain of the things we cannot see.



For example, a man “Who is Sick” in need of healing. The reason why he should say he is healed, is not because he’s trying to say it, so that the healing will take place, it is because that’s who he is, he is the healed of God because he is in Christ Jesus.

Faith is also, NOT A POSITIVE CONFESSION OR TALK……A lot of us make this mistake, we think we should be positive, so we say, I’m rich, so that we can sound positive. When you do that, that’s not faith. You say you are rich, because you are Abraham’s seed, a joint heir with Christ. Except you are not in Christ Jesus, but if you are, then being rich is your character, it’s in your DNA.

Your expression to situations should be based on God’s Word and what he has said, that’s FAITH.

FAITH IS NOT BELIEVING….it goes beyond believing, IT’S A KNOWING, an assurance, an evidence. So, please, don’t stop at believing the promises of God for your life. Go beyond believing to seeing those things with the eye of your spirit, and you will see that the forces of this life will start working on your behalf to bring them to physical appreciation. Faith is the corresponding action to what we have believed. It transcends the realm of believing…..When you believe on God’s Word, you ACT on it.


WOW, I have been blessed, just reading out this post to myself, I was so stirred in my spirit. I know for a fact, that you have been inspired as well. So, watch out for tomorrow’s post, because I would be sharing another part from this series on faith, I would blog about something very crucial pertaining to faith, so stay tuned beloved.

Before I go, I will love to appreciate everyone that has kept their eyes on this blog waiting for a post during my long absence, thank you for staying strong and believing in me. I love you all. CHEERS TO A MORE AMAZING TIME WITH YOU ALL.

Happy Easter in arrears, I had a lovely time, how was your Easter?

Kip Illuminating!

Have you discovered the Treasure?

Christian Growth

Before my admission was accepted in the School I’m presently studying at, just like it’s common for most Nigerian undergraduates, I had to go through several Institutions. Now, I finally am in school and getting closer to completing my medical program (Thank God). However, there have been quite some hitches I’ve experienced in this Journey. Suffice it to say, I’ve not had such a smooth ride in the area of friendship, communication and self expression. It had felt like I was literally in total Isolation in my world.

Several times, I would call Home (Nigeria) and lodge a complaint. Sometimes it was about the people, other times the school, then I would grumble and protest about how I no longer wanted to study medicine if it would make me this solitary.

My Father would say to me in His Nigerian and tribal Articulation,

It is your Life, if you can’t endure the pain for the time being, you can come home and learn a trade, It would save me a lot of time and money“.

I had felt no one understood “what I was going through”, that I could not take it anymore. I even went as far as searching for other areas of information that I could go back home to gratify in.

I would say to you that, In my years of being born again, I had never felt exasperated or disappointed. Life had always had that stench of Hope hovering around me. So this made me fragile. I didn’t think I could attain to anything as regards my education. This new mindset had influenced my grades, my outlook to going the extra mile in my studies, to say the least, I wasn’t even reading anymore. I just kept trying to get someone who would understand me and explain to my parents why I needed to leave my school.

Thank God for the Word of God, thank God for my Pastor, thank God for ministry materials and tapes. Today, I can tell you that, even though the circumstances didn’t change, my attitude and mindset did change and they have helped me get to this stage that I am in my education. Glory to God.

This personal story reminds me of where some of us are in our lives. Even though it’s the first week of the Month of this new year 2014, it doesn’t mean that we have new jobs, homes, relationships, marriages. it doesn’t mean that as we entered the year, we were given the promotion that we needed, the raise in salary that we need or deserve. Even the appreciation or commendation from our wives, employers, students, bosses, leaders, children or even our parents, have not come forth. As a matter of fact, it’s still the same as it was right before we got out for the holidays.

This brings me to the message I have for you in today’s post. I want to believe I am talking to you, the Christian, the one who knows who he is in Christ and just in case that’s not you, I’m talking to you who wants a better life, a life that brings you into the realizations of all the goals, dreams, visions and aspirations you’ve set and want to achieve in this year. Trust me, you wanna record such outstanding and supernatural achievements in this year.treasure

Did you know that in that situation you are in, there’s something God wants you to SEE? Can you stop the complaining and let the strategist in you show forth? Can you discover the treasure?

Sometimes, all we see are Challenges, “Oh what I’m going through”. I want you to realize that wherever you are in life, it maybe that company, that family, that office, that relationship, that City, that school, that marriage, you are there because God wants you to see something. There is a treasure there that God wants you to discover.

You have a voice that must be heard. You see, a soul winner is an extraordinary strategist. Stop complaining about where you work, the position you hold. Have you discovered those of them there who do not know Jesus, who haven’t received Jesus? God has given all of us an opportunity. Before you start looking at the condition, look for those who are not saved around you. That’s what I mean by discovering the treasure. God wants you to discover a treasure there and the Holy spirit will help you see (Acts 1:8).

Are you a witness for Jesus? When I ask this I’m not asking you how many posts you’ve blogged on Righteousness, Salvation or Repentance. This is not about, how many good characters you exhibit at home, your work place or school that show you are a Christian. I mean, are you proud of Him at your work place, school, city, bold enough to preach this message to those who have not heard it. Or you are the type that would say “Isn’t that for the evangelism unit in church?”

You see, this is your reasonable service. It’s the proof of your Love for Jesus. Are you in a place and say you have the Holy Spirit and there’s no conviction of sin for the unbeliever? Then I dare say, that your Holy Spirit is being held down, discouraged and inactive. The Holy Spirit didn’t just come to be YOUR helper. He is A helper. He needs you to express Himself, to cause these changes, to draw these souls out of darkness into Light.

Are you apologetic about your Life, being a Christian? Maybe when its lunch time at work and your colleagues are discussing about a matter and your obvious contribution should have been from the mindset of a Christian, but you choose to keep quiet, so you are not called “Holy Holy”. You’re not free to sing praises to Him because you’re afraid you might not be able to fit in, maybe in class or at work. No wonder, He called us His ambassadors, His representatives.

Do you not know what the Holy Spirit in you is called? A helper! He makes you Influential. Are you somewhere you work and you are still asking “well nobody likes me, my boss is never satisfied”? There’s no more self pity when it comes to you. That’s what I realized as I studied God’s word. You are a Helper of People, that’s a ministry you have by the Holy Spirit. That means that if someone is falling, I should pick the person up. If someone is sad or anxious, I should put a smile on that person’s face.

We have become the expression of God. Make up your mind to be that way in this year 2014. Reach out to people by preaching the Gospel to them, transforming lives, giving their life a meaning. It will surprise you how many people around you, in your sphere of contact haven’t received Jesus, how many people need some encouragement today. If you Know God, you’ll know His number one business is SOUL WINNING. Make it your  number one goal this year, to see that the lost around you receive DIRECTION and SALVATION by telling them about Jesus. It’s not your JOB to save them, but God needs you to reach out to them first and the Holy Spirit will take over (Romans 10:14). Don’t say, “well no one has come to me that I have not strengthened” or “I do give them devotionals to read ooh”. Get Up and GO TO THEM.

The reason why I decided to blog on this today is because I know most of us are busy setting goals and making efforts to be the best of us in 2014. It begins with your commitment to God’s own business. Let’s not be carried away by the accomplishments of this world. Do you preach because you want to satisfy your own ambition or because you want people to say “wow, this brother or sister is such a committed Christian”? The very popular John 3:16, exposes us to the extent of God’s Love for Men and you are like your father, remember. Let us take up this ministry because we want the Glory of God to be established.

So take advantage of the place you are today. It’s an opportunity to Lighten up that place and trust me, your life can only get better because you’ve taken God’s business as your number one business. No wonder Mathew 6: 33 tells us about how we can have all things come to us without struggle. It’s already a Law that God has commanded to happen. You must understand your purpose as a Light. You were made to bring direction, just like Jesus. The apostles of old have handed us the baton, it’s now in our hands. Come to think of it, they lived glorious lives, they were bundles of testimonies.

Today, I’ve discovered the treasure in my city, my school and my career. I now live in abundant Joy every day, because I realized that, I was the Light that God had sent to give direction to the men here. Though the experience keeps teaching and strengthening me, I promise you my life here has been filled with testimonies of favour, love, grace and God’s abundance upon me. Because I chose to discover the treasure.

I urge you today, not to complain, nor be discouraged. I want you to open your eyes and SEE what God wants you to see. It is only to your advantage. In no time, you’ll be placed in that better place of opportunity by God himself and He will Magnify i.e. make you Great in the sight of others. It’s God’s choice to make you great this year.

Ensure to walk in the Light of this information you’ve just received. Don’t just read it and say “thank you Jesus”. Get up now, square your shoulders, be bold, confident and take advantage of the indwelling presence of the helper and extraordinary strategist inside of you. Your success is guaranteed, be confident about it.

I on this side am cheering for you as you make evident the excellencies of God upon your life this year. Seize the Moment. Discover the treasure. I did it, I’m still doing it with full force this year and so will you.

I’d love to hear your progress concerning this, your questions or direct messages can be sent to me @

I know for sure that this year will surpass our expectations. Let’s all be a testimony as regards this matter. God bless you and empower you for the work ahead.

I have no apologies for this post being this long, it was necessary. Thank you, lol or don’t you agree with me?

If you do, don’t forget to post your comments and add to what I’ve said on the comment section below.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and have a Great Year my people.

I love you.

Kip Illuminating!

Que Sera Sera ! Whatever will be, Will be ?

Christian Growth

Top of the world’s goodness to you my dear, I’m sure you had a good night rest. Well, I did myself. I’m always soo excited when its time to share posts with you guys, you guys are more than amazing. Today is a beautiful day and as we must have noticed, its one of the last Tuesday’s in this year 2013 and I don’t know about you, but for me I’m glad to be a part of it, making history in the land of the living, yaaaaaaaayy!!!que sera sera

Hmmmm, one of the world’s favorite quote “Que Sera Sera” is our topic of discussion today, its funny how most of us, including Christians still  stand by this quote in almost everything we do today. Even as you read, you are singing the popular song in your head, I soo used to sing this song eeh, lol. Well, I’m sorry what I’m about to say today might be against your judgement but really, what is the essence of Love and Reality if we don’t trash issues like this. So, let me begin by saying this: “WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE WILL BE” . If you don’t think so after the end of this post, then you should follow, comment and like the post so I can prove it to you in our upcoming posts, lol

There was no need to beat around the bush for this one because many of us need to hear this as it is. Nowadays, we live our lives in excuses for almost everything we are faced with. With quotes like this which put us on the safer side, we get too comfortable with the stages we are in life, even in our jobs, career, relationships, academics and so many other areas. This brings me to the issue of PURPOSE, do you know your purpose in life?, do you have a purpose in your job, career, relationship, marriage ? If these questions are not answered by us as we grow, we end up settling for “what life brings” , because the truth is that Life has nothing to offer anyone of us, we on the other hand were made to bring the good news, the beauty and as the bible will put it, “We have been called to show forth the excellencies of him that called us out of darkness into his marvelous light”, How, brilliant!, Isn’t GOD just simply amazing, we have answers to every question we ask Him. Anyhooo!, that is to say that “We are the Light of this World’. The faster we come to the reality of this truth, the better our lives will be.

The reality is that It is our responsibility to beautify our lives, God already did his part by blessing us with all that it takes to live a glorious and beautiful life so, take advantage of them today and stop relying on “whatever will be, will be”, for that way, we are saying to God that all we are is the best we can ever be, which is a big fat lie.

So, today I want you to develop and have the mindset that you own your world  and you can recreate it with your words (faith filled proclamations) actions and your prayers. Don’t stop there, where you are is not enough, you can be greater and much more better than you already are and it all starts and depends on your mindset (thoughts). Whatever point you have reached in your goals and aspirations, my advice to you is to stop measuring your life’s achievement with the world’s tape rule, as is the manner of most of us” rather, use the Word of God and what he has called you, a success, a victor, a joint heir with Christ, this is who you really are.

I’m hope you didn’t expect me too be soft on this issue? Love and reality is not to spice up your life but to totally beautify it, yes I dare say,.lol. Oya my time is up, and people biko, ejor, PLEASE, I need to get your comments, don’t just read and be blessed and smile, make comments, I wanna get to know my readers. Show me some love na, abeg, See YOU tomorrow,  Make sure you don’t forget to follow the blog.

Kip Illuminating!!

Ok guys,..I thought to loosen the air a bit with this joke I found,..its true that we’ve had these people sit beside us during all nights, and some of these people are you my readers as well, maybe I’ve taken the place of one number here,.lol, guess which one,..owk enjoy bye.

10 types of brethren you find during all night prayer-revised edition

1. That one who you see only during the first hour of the all night and then they disappear, the next time you see them is during the last hour of the Night (usually the sisters)…

2. That one who kneels and places their head on the chair and they continue bouncing even when the Pastor is announcing the next prayer point, they usually snap when an usher taps them.

3. That sister  who comes with, a towel, a blanket, a coffee flask…with this ones you just know that trouble is coming as soon as they enter like that.

4. That brother who is super active during the first part of the Night and then the next thing their are just pacing around slowly, nodding the head rhythmically

5. That one who is just super active during the night and looks at everyone as though they are nepeos, Brother we know your secret…you drank a red bull, no wonder you didn’t want me to use your bottle to go get water, lol

6. And then there this one who just shouts glory after Pastor shouted something and then you ask them what did the Pastor say… (o,o)

7. And then there is this one, constantly woken up by the ushers. This ones don’t care…they just sleep

8. Then there is this sister who always pulls out things from her bag, sweets, fruits…constantly chewing and eating!

9. This one, arrives in at around 1am when now everyone is on soft tongues mode…they come in and pull out all their strong tongues for an hour and then sits down and now all you see is the head rhythmically nodding

10. And then there is this one, say hallelujah somebody; this one just makes up their mind to be awake, no matter how tired they are…they just run a good fight of faith till the end! They sit when the pastor instructs them to do so… No red bull, no play…nothing. They are strong like that.

I’m sure you laughed after this, I want feed backs of which role you played once upon a time in an all night vigil, for those of us Nigerians, una rank number one. LOL
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see you on the next post.
Humour Me



Hi Everyone, I know I haven’t posted in a while and I owe you, but this is one post that I just had to share with you guys and I even had to share it without taking permission (please Charles, don’t come and flog me in Ukraine ooh) lol.
I laughed until I slapped my self on the cheek and started to cry.
It was done by one of my very first male bloggers that I absolutely love. He blogs in a very unique and inspiring way and you guys would understand me when you finish reading this post. Make sure to go check his blog and and follow him to get more of this juicy stuff on the go. Thanks Charles for letting me share in advance. Love you.

Enjoy your read my friends and don’t forget to thank me in the comment section. lol


Nigerians are very ‘funny’ people in every sense of the word. No logic is yet defined to explain away our idiosyncrasies.
In dealing with a Nigerian there are two things you should bear in mind.
As an undergrad we read a drama book “Who is Afraid of Tai Solarin” and the book left an indelible mark upon my soul in dealing with Nigerians.
The summary is the colonialists were frustrated at the limited effort of the newly introduced judicial system. Many natives didn’t have faith in it and not a few lie through their teeth even on oath.
In the midst of this crisis came a native judge who understood the psyche of the Nigerian soul.
During the administration of the oath with the Bible or Quran, the judge leans enough to whisper to the oath taker:
“Beware of what you say, there’s ‘Olugbohun’ inside this bible!”
Hot palpitation rang…

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Christian Growth

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life and the more I think about it I give more thanks but beyond the thankfulness I celebrate the Lordship of Jesus over my life and the gift of the Holy Spirit to the world. I said that to say this.

There is a stage I have been in my life where I asked myself “Is this what I planned to be experiencing now”? and of course my answer was a very big NO. I know that some of us have been there, perhaps we still are and I have noticed that this state of UNACCOMPLISHMENT could eat so deep into us that depression could set in and before we can say Jack Robinson, we already feel like we have failed and defeat sets in (which is what we really do not want, trust me).

depressionI read a post last night and I was surprised at the number of people who are going through this state of depression and I don’t mean generally, I mean our fellow Christians (Born Again and Holy Ghost filled). The cause of their depression may not necessarily be connected to this particular reason I’m about to address, but I know for sure that depression is one of those stages that people go through and at different levels, during this period of their lives.

I, for one could have gone through it in a very high degree, but for the words that I was taught through God’s word and by the Holy Spirit.

This success matter is a really big issue of concern, as people now have misunderstood the meaning of it which is not even as bad as when you now decide to measure your success with the measuring tape of the world and I don’t mean the one that the Obioma near your compound uses ooh, lol.accomp

There are so many definitions of Success but for the sake of what I want to talk about, I’ll use this one.

“the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals”

 There are certain things that we must know to identify success:

1. You are Successful when you know what God wants you to do at a particular time: If you read the book of Acts 22:12-16, there, Paul was given an instruction from the Lord and the knowing what exactly God wanted him to do was the beginning of his Ministry. He didn’t just stand up and decide to preach the Gospel, he received a clear instruction.

When you know what God has asked you to do at a particular time or period and you are set on it, there would not be any form of discouragement for you because even if you aren’t at the same level as your friend or colleague or classmate, you know that you are on the right path for your life and in God’s perfect will. In my post on “Have you discovered the treasure” I told you guys of How I was so discouraged and so wasn’t doing well in school, I wasn’t attending any classes when my mates were having A’s. After that period of Identifying myself with God’s word, one day I was praying, I said to God that I wanted to shake this world for him, I told him of How I wanted to be soo soo rich because he knows how caring I am, how I wanted to give for the furtherance of the Gospel. Guess what his answer was, I heard it so clearly eehn, hmmm, My PAPA said, “Prove to me how faithful you can be in your academics, start with waking up on time to attend every class you ought to”. Those words were so clear and I held on to them, I responded immediately and said “Lord I have heard you and I will do as you have instructed, thank you for your words”

Those instructions taught me that God has blessed us, but it is we who are not yet ready to live in the blessing. So, he trains us in an orderly fashion. God is a king and like an earthly king would, he doesn’t just appoint his heir as his successor when the time is right, He makes sure that the young boy goes through every stage of training until he is totally sure that he can seat on the throne when the time comes and that does not mean that he is not being treated as the prince that he is, of course he is, but for his own good he undergoes several years of training. Our heavenly father is the same with all his kids. Imagine if God actually filled my account with money and made me identify with all the opportunities that I could use to actually make this world a better place, would I have been able to pull that off with the state of indiscipline that I was at that time? Emphatically, NO, I would make a fool out of that opportunity.

Now back to my experience. I have been running with that instruction and I must say that not only have I been called by several people to commend my effort, God reminds me every day that I am a huge success, because sometimes I’m like, why didn’t I have the highest mark in class for this course but thank God for the Holy Ghost, he always uses the same words “Hannah, I’m training you in righteousness” and there and then I square my shoulders up and I’m bold to declare that I’m a success. I am doing what he asked me to and so many other things are falling in place without any struggle. This singular act has shown me of how God sees us.  Even though the world might not know what happened in my room that night, It doesn’t stop people from looking down on me or saying what they want to say only you and God are in this business together and you must always appreciate yourself at every point in time. This brings me to my next point.

2. Success comes in levels and it is measurable: This one can be applied to every and any area of our lives. It’s called GROWTH. Today I’m in this area of my life where I am building discipline, tomorrow, God will increase my greatness by asking me to probably spending more time in studying so that I can be the very best as I desired in the former level. For some, it’s in your giving, you want to give more to God but you have seen that you aren’t doing well enough maybe because of the level you are financially. Maybe God is saying, Frances, why don’t we work on your consistency for now, let’s do this consistently for the next 8months and after that we will work on an increase and gradually we will get there. You see, even if it’s in your Job, business, you can measure your success, even in the little things like having a shower in the evenings after work or changing your nail colour every two weeks, washing the dishes everyday and not letting it pile up till the next day or even attending midweek service, praying every 12am for 15mins, maintaining your exercise routine for the next three months, there’s so many things I can list, including giving your child a peck before they leave for school in the morning, giving your wife a kiss before leaving for work, saying good morning with a smile to everyone you meet in the morning, I can go on and on. But what I am saying is that you can set your targets and meet them, that way success for you is an unending stream. You just see your life moving from glory to Glory. For some, God’s next level for you is not always cozy or comfortable. Stay there, God’s will, will take place.

How do we know what’s God’s next level for us?

We know this, through the ministry of God’s word. The Holy Ghost guides us through our fellowship with him. For our next level, He tells Us, there’s a knowing in our heart and he starts to prepare us for that next level.

That is why I want to Urge us to see the Holy Spirit as our captain, there’s no next level without the Holy Spirit and without constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you will not train yourself to identify His voice when you hear it. You’ll still live in confusion and that’s not the life we’ve been called to live. The bible calls the Holy Spirit the revelation of all truth, he will guide us into all truth. He knows everything and anything, so spend more time with him, commune more often with him, see him as your friend.

The time you spend with the word, determines the amount of the word you’ll live out. It’s not magic, you grow and that’s why success is the easiest thing that you can be. It’s who you are, so don’t ever feel discouraged or limited when you see that you are not in that place you desire to be. Be in the place that God has carved out and wants you to be. It’s only for a while and you’ll see that your life represents success and you are moving from glory to Glory

3. Recognize when you ought to move to the next level: This one is so important because you can be in one place and even though you are a success at that level, you haven’t actually moved, you are not making progress. It’s like my grandpa’s rocking chair, he’s moving but he’s not making progress. That’s why we need the Holy Ghost, He will tell us when it’s time to move and we listen and when we do, we look back and see how much progress we have made and how much we are set to make. It’s really a beautiful life, there’s really no need to worry, as long as you depend on the Holy Spirit.

So, for my sisters and my brothers who might have this challenge, it is what it is, a challenge, make up your mind that you will live the Lord’s dream for your life, the truth is that no one else will understand you but God himself. The inabilities you see are your opportunities, they are building blocks for the life that God has called you to live. Be happy, never let anything control your happiness, that way, you say to the devil that he’s in charge whereas, you are in charge. No one will actually help you decide this, but yourself, the Spirit of God is waiting to help you and you can throw in all your eggs in his basket for you will surely win and come back victor.


“Therefore, as a Christian, live your life to show that what Jesus did wasn’t for nothing; live up to His dream! Jesus the creator of the whole world, the maker of all things died for you to give you a new life—the impregnable life of God. That’s something big! He thought we were valuable and important to the Father, so He came just for us. Why then should anyone live an empty or unhappy life?

The way to show your gratitude for all He’s done for you is to live up to His dream by maintaining your superiority and victory over Satan and the cohorts of darkness. You’re His seed, and He’s prolonging His days through you today (Isaiah 53:10). When you show up, Jesus shows up! You’re the express image of His person, called to show forth the beauty and excellence of His divine life in you.”

This is still the beginning of the year I know that most of us want to testify of so many areas of accomplishment by the end of the year. You can take this up from now, with this mindset, it doesn’t matter what level you are, even if you have exceeded your targets, like JOSHUA, there’s still more land to possess. God is taking every one of us places throughout the year, we will record outstanding results by the Spirit of God.

At every level, your success can be determined. God has a plan for you and the moment you begin to really let that dawn in your heart, the moment you begin to say it with your mouth and before long, those plans are being fulfilled through you, everyday.  Stay on the word, not on your situation. Nothing can stop you.

These are the things that have helped me and is still helping me. I’m really inspired by the Holy Spirit everyday and my life is moving from one level of Glory to the next.

I love you all and I want to say a big thank you to all my new and old followers, you guys are just awesome, thank you also for your response to my last post. Thank you for your encouragement. You rock and I know that God has increased us.

Again, you can reach me on my personal email @


Till I see you on Monday,

Kip Illuminating



Hello everyone, beautiful people so dear to my heart, how well are you doing (notice I didn’t ask how you are doing but how well you are doing, as you can only do well), hope great things are happening for you and through you. I have indeed missed our very special communication. I know how the flow has been since the beginning of the year and by flow I mean the manner in which I have written posts and the consistency in which I have followed up on the posts. So in this post I have written down the plans and schedules that will go on for the next few months on the blog until I write my qualifying exams (which of course has been the reason for my going AWOL intermittently and I sincerely apologize for that).

Moving on from that state of Guilt, I am happy to announce that you will definitely begin to reap from your labor of typing in and searching for my blog, so to speak to get a dose of its beautiful, rich and transforming content.

The first change you might have already observed is the fact that the blog has been renamed somewhat. Although you will find that the name is originally the name used for the web address of the blog, so its not totally new.

PHRONESIS (will do a brief and insightful post on the name soon so all your questions will be answered), by the way for those who don’t have any I deal, its a Greek word.

ImageSecondly, I will now submit posts twice in a week. This is because, it will help balance the time I spend with other important things and with you guys, however, I might drop in posts in between these days depending on how free I am and what post I have prepared. But just to be orderly and for you to be expectant, I choose to make it twice in a week on Mondays and n Fridays (y’all should clap for me ooh, its a big deal *smiling*)

So be expectant to receive a mail or an alert on your reader that I have published a new post.

This is mine and your year of Greatness and so, we will do great things together. I know I can bank on your cooperation. With that, I wanna really appreciate everyone of you, you have shown me that you believe in me. I know I have found a family in you guys. From the messages I get from few of you, it makes me wanna keep doing this. God has blessed you immensely, you’re all soo lovely.

Having made my point clear, I wanna say that today’s posted is counted for a post, even though some of you might already be saying, “OJORO HANNAH” in your minds, lol. I cannot shout ooh, I have to seize the opportunity na, or what would you do if you were in my shoes. lolImage

Anyway, you should expect a post on Friday or before then, anything is possible.

I still have enjoyed my writing to you today. It’s always a pleasure and a privilege that i’m grateful for.

With so much love in me for you, I say, have a beautiful and glorious week ahead.


Don’t stop saying who you are, you are a success going somewhere to happen. I believe in you all.

You can send me a personal message and reach me on,

kip Illuminating

Don’t Give Up Just Yet…….Be Comforted

Story Story...Once Upon a time

Hi beautiful people, how was your day and how are preparations going towards the valentine’s day celebration. If you didn’t see my last post, just scroll down to read that one before you read this one, Either ways, do enjoy your self, while reading, because by now you’re already used to me writing plenty. Thank you for the comments and likes, don’t for get to leave your comments below, those of you who keep reading and not commenting (yes I’ve caught you today, lol). I just got back from class now and even though I’m hungry I decided to do this post. Enjoy your read.

 So today something happened to me and I realized that someone might be in this position that I found myself.

I went for a class and the teacher decided that today, we the students would do a competition in order to be scored for the topic of the day. We all didn’t prepare so well, because some of us had to rehearse for our upcoming faculty day, while others were really busy with something else, so most of us were just wondering what she meant by that.

I personally didn’t prepare so my thoughts were for me to tell her to let me rework the class. That would involve paying for the class again. It’s not so expensive but the time involved was expensive, especially in this winter season.

Now here’s what happened, she said she was going to cal our names randomly from the register and we are 15 in class, so it could get to any of us in no time. The question was to name something individually that had to do with a specific organ in the body (trying not to go into detail). There were not too many that were stated in the textbooks, but as a student its part of your responsibility to go all out in our research as regards any topic and so, she expected us to have an answer immediately she asked.

The “competition” as she called it started and by the time it got to my turn, we all had exhausted all the answers we could pick from our notes. We were not allowed to repeat anything that someone had already mention, nothing related to it at all.

Now at this point, I already had something in mind but I wasn’t sure she would accept it, mind you I was answering to an experienced medical doctor, so she knew exactly what she wanted to hear. As she asked me, I didn’t hesitate at all, I just voiced out my thoughts and then, she confirmed my suspicion by saying she didn’t think that was absolutely correct.

I just sat there in thoughts for like one minute, thinking about what else could not have been mentioned that I could pick. My people, I was there and nothing was coming to my head. I mentioned other things, but again she rejected.

So not to “waste more time”, I said “Ma’am I don’t have any other thing to add, I don’t know the answer to your question”, so she said, “alright” and called out the next name.

By the time she got to the next name, the person too didn’t know what else to add, seeing that the answers in our text books had been exhausted. But here’s what the person said to her. “Madam, I don’t know what to say at the moment, but if you would give me some time, I will try to come up with something good, I’d love to think for some time” and she replied “OK, you take sometime to think, I’ll get back to you”. Then she moved on to the next person, and again the next person had the same situation as the previous person. He decided to think. (Notice the difference between what I said and what they said to the teacher)

Then suddenly, in my thoughts, something came up, I cross checked in my head and decided that this answer should be a good one for her. I raised my hands so she could give me a chance to speak, since it wasn’t my turn and she obliged me. I said my answer and yes, it was very correct, it was a good answer. Here’s where the story changed.

In my mind, I had given her an answer and so there was a point for me, I thought. Then the shocker came. She said, I had given up my chance for a score, by saying that I didn’t know any other thing to say, instead of asking for time to think. I felt bad, and she noticed, but still didn’t change her mind. Suddenly, those who asked for time to think, came up with their answers and lo and behold, they were all correct. Even though I got a good answer and told her,….it was somewhat useless to her because it wasn’t gonna affect my scores. I had already lost the competition in her mind. While the rest got their deserved marks,..I was probably the only one without a score. Then series of things came up in class and she concluded that I wasn’t listening as she asked us to at the beginning of the class, so on and so forth.

It got to a time she even said, “Ohh I don’t want you to think that I’m attacking you, I only didn’t expect you to give up on yourself, it’s disappointing. You should have been insistent on your ability and asked for more time”

Those words struck me, I left the class with it echoing in my head. I was almost in tears. But then, GOD spoke……and you guys know what happens when God speaks.

He said, “You where created unto good works, you can only succeed and be excellent. Don’t be discouraged,Cheer Up. All I want you to know is that I’m training you in righteousness, it’s a lesson that you have just learnt again through your teacher. Never give up, just like she stated, I believe in you and you will succeed. It doesn’t matter what comes your way, CHEER UP”

This words comforted me and I came out victorious, you know why? Because what the enemy planned for evil, the lord turned it around for my good. I have learnt again that, I’m able to do all things through Christ who energizes me, if only I don’t give up, I don’t get tired so quickly. I believe they would comfort you as

This also reflects to every area of our lives. The miracle that you require is so close, don’t give up, stay on the word, keep your focus on God’s word and what God has said about that situation. It can only get better for you. Just like me in class today, if I had waited just a bit longer, the answer would have sprung forth and would have been accepted. Just keep that faith burning for a little more time. That testimony is on the way. Be encouraged and comforted as God has comforted me today. It doesn’t matter if you even made the mistake just like I did today by giving up on myself, it will work out for your good. God is faithful to us his kids. Some of us could be going through this in our Jobs, homes, marriages, education, career, relationships e.t.c…where we have made mistakes, we are being discouraged because of one thing or another, no, you have not failed, it’s not over until you win. That’s what God has said about you. God is taking you somewhere so don’t be discouraged by the level you are in, just keep your focus on God’s words concerning you and you’ll surely arrive there, in time.

I know our future is bright, it is secure and God’s manifested presence will be evident in it in Jesus Name, Amen. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 says,

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort,  who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God”.

comfortBe comforted and be quick to pick out lessons that God opens your eyes to see in every situation or circumstance that you find yourself. Don’t be quick to crucify yourself or feel discouraged. God doesn’t see you or that situation that way. He believes in you to steer that ship to its destination, despite the storms that may be experienced. Against all odds you will triumph.

Let me end with this few words:

There’s no TESTIMONY without a TEST,testimony

There’s no TRIUMPH without TRIAL,

There’s no GLORY without STORY.

See you at the top my dear friends. I love you all and I’m glad I could share this with you guys. You all are wonderful.

Keep Illuminating.


Hey Guys…….guess what? ….yea yea you guessed right,…I’M BACK. How have y’all been? I know I know (face down) Some of you are angry at me…please forgive me. If you want me to explain I can actually mail you my explanation ooh. All the same, PLEASE FORGIVE ME……It was after I got series of messages both personal and public that I checked my blog calendar and realized that I hadn’t posted anything since one month plus…..I know right (now even some of you that didn’t notice are like haaaaa!!! Tenderoni, how could you and you say you love us, hmmmm) Please, don’t crucify me. I promise not to stay away for this long.

However,…I had a lot of entertainment and insight from most of my blogger friends…you guys are amazing, shout out to Dr N, Frances, Lizzie, Glowing Scene,…ahhh Femmetotale, Ujesta, Dare and yes, Crazy Nigerian, Livelytwist (the writer herself)…ooh how can I forget my mummy, Naija mum…una too much. Y’all kept my busy days very relaxing. Thank you so much, your gift is indeed evident and I’m blessed by you.   muah

Also, thank you to those of you who kept visiting to see if I have posted on the blog yet. You made me smile and cry at the same time(as I wasn’t able to satisfy your thirst). I love you guys.

Now today is a beautiful day and I have so much to say to you but considering how tired I am,…I will tell you a story.story

Story Story,….Story……….Once Upon a time,…..time…time.

Emily is the name of my new friend. She’s beautiful, the kind that you don’t need to sound modest about when you see. I had just met her a few months ago and so we decided to spend some time together since we both live in different cities. The holidays came close, so It was only normal and about time we met. It was whole week break, both our universities happened to have our holiday on the same days, so we planned her trip. My city had more to offer in terms of fun places and since I live alone, she had to come over…..Thank God she didn’t live too far, she got here on time and I was so excited to see her.

The first day we had a beautiful night, you know how we ladies can be,..gist upon gist,. girl talk, everything gistable was on the table of our gist plate. We had fun, got to know each other better and we literally slept off with our mouth open as we had talked and talked till our mouths got tired.

Before you start to imagine tins, I and Emily really gelled, and every day went beautiful as we visited different fun places. It was such a breath of fresh air to have her around, especially as she shared my passions.

Here’s where things got funny (now don’t think we fought ooh, all you people expecting the story not to end well, your plan will not work….lol)

I noticed that Emily had this very arguable low self-esteem, it wasn’t the kind that you would notice easily, you might not even call it low self-esteem, maybe I should say the wrong kind of humility.

Let me give you an example of how some of my conversations with her went.

Now here’s both of us dressing up for service and we get talking:

Me: Wow, gurl I love this your dress ooh,…it fits so perfectly on you. I would love mine in the color orange. I really love the way it looks on you. (mind you, I wasn’t flattering, I meant it)

Emily: Ohl really, I don’t see what you’re seeing ooh,..the gown is just there,…I even got it in one cheap shop like that. I’m surprised you like it on me ooh, you know you are the one with the sexy body now, abeggiii stop flattering me ooh.

Me: I’m serious dear, I love the way it looks on you and thanks for your compliment, I love your body shape as well, you’re beautiful and you know it…..go girl

Emily: Wow, sweetie, this your dress is awesome, I love it,’re so pretty. You’ll take me to where you shop ooh. This dress is lovely.

Me: Awwww thank you love,..I actually got this at a second-hand shop too, but it hadn’t been worn before. I know right, the dress fits me as I like it, that’s because I had to take it to the seamstress to do some fittings on it. Thanks.

Emily: Wow, that’s nice…..You really have beautiful things ooh…..I love them and your body just fits in them perfectly. Maybe you should take me to where you shop for real, at least let me get a few things before I head back.

So we go out to shop one day, and to cut the story short, Emily comes back empty-handed, no, not because she didn’t have the money to pay. Because, she didn’t find anything that fits her or that appeals to her. Are you shocked, no don’t be. We went through several shops, several pieces and she kept giving an excuse why that beautiful dress wouldn’t look beautiful on her. One of her many reasons was that it was gonna expose her ugly legs (Yes, she said “my Ugly legs”). But surprisingly, when it got to my turn to try on clothes, she advised me to pick them, saying they looked perfect on me. If I didn’t know better, I would have said she wanted me to spend money while she watched but I know better. She was so insecure about herself that everyone else apart from her was perfect. So much so, that she almost didn’t see anything good about herself physically. She complained about almost everything. Her weight, her skin, her buttocks,etc                                      .awe

So, there was this day when she offered me a compliment and here was my response.

Me: Emily, you offer me this beautiful compliments each time and I always love them, they make me smile. However, I don’t think that you mean them. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the same eyes with which you see others that you use in seeing yourself.

Emily: How do you mean dear?..she quietly asked me

Me: Have you ever wondered how come you seem to see everything beautiful about people, but each time others compliment you, you seem to always have something negative to counter it with? I don’t think that my things as you say are as beautiful as you say they are, because if you can’t see by yourself how beautiful you and your own things are, how can you see for someone else? Those are my concerns.

Emily: Ooh dear,…..they truly are beautiful as I have said, it’s just that I don’t always feel  as beautiful as the way people say I am. I know it’s a problem and I’ll definitely try to change. I’ve been trying to but I just don’t know how.

Me: I’m glad you now see it in this light. We’ll talk about how you can overcome this low self-esteem tonight, there are some practical steps that must be taken my dear, don’t worry we’ll do this together, ok. I love you dear, *hugs*

Emily: Thank you dear, thank you for letting me know this. I love you too sweetie *hugs*

So that’s in summary how my conversation with Emily ended on that day.

Some of you might be asking, why this story…..who cares to know what happened between you and your new friend Emily?…blah blah blah,

Well, this story just reminds me about how so many people go through this on a daily basis. We can be so careful about acknowledging several beautiful things about us, things that God has graced us with, not just physically. Some of us do it because of low self-esteem while some others do it in the name of being Humble. However, it’s not like we plan to be this way. We just find ourselves in that position where we don’t want to sound like we are proud or like we have it all.

My Brother, My Sister,…please cheer up, loosen up, you too deserve to be praised, you too can be proud of your God-given gifts and talents. Is there something you’ve accomplished and you are being praised for it, don’t just act as though it’s a sin to think highly of yourself. You deserve to be celebrated and loved, so let out those smiles, say the “thank you’s” it’s that simple, do not complicate things by trying to explain how “it’s not all that” as we see it.

Even in this season of Love, we should learn to accept appreciation with humility as well as give out appreciation to the people around us. Lets learn to celebrate our selves and pat ourselves at the back for even those seemingly little accomplishments or endeavors that we succeed at. You can take an example from the Lizard, like the story we heard as kids, he nods his head after a successful fall from the tree, since no one will applaud him,…lol

Even God expects us to acknowledge every good work that’s in us, He says, that way the communication of our faith will be effectual (Philemon 1:6)

Also God is OK that we can think highly of ourselves, just not too highly of ourselves (Romans 12:3)

awesomeSo take advantage of the love that you receive and celebrate others as you celebrate yourself. You are very valuable and you should be treated as such. Jesus paid for you with his blood, so square your shoulders, stand tall, walk straight, talk bold, for you are AWESOME.

If you’re an Emily out there, look out for my upcoming post on how to improve self esteem…’ll surely bless you.its ok

I love you guys and I missed y’all so much.

Have a beautiful day.

Kip Illuminating

Story Story...Once Upon a time

Thank YOU

We are Grateful

Hello everyone…so sorry for the short AWOL I displayed. I just had to take that time off for important reasons. Please Forgive me and thanks for doing so.

I’m really beyond excited for you and I right now(#screaming). This is the day that our Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. Yes Oh!

WOW. Isn’t this so amazing? It’s the 31st of the month of December 2013……don’t worry I know you’ve heard that like a million times today already and I’m not just saying that to make you go crazy. If you do sha,….e rish to dey crase for (I mean in a good way oh), lol.

I write this post in gratitude, joy and excitement because of the year 2013. I have been in this mood for the past 1 week now,  so I just wanna pour it all out.

Who be dat person wey talk sey we nor go see this year till e finish? If only you saw ahead of time, I bet you won’t be disappointed by this post. Well this post wasn’t made for you, so go and sit down where you belong and watch us become and do greater things in the coming year 2014.

To my Love and Reality readers, This one is specially for you.

I wanna say thank you to everyone who has read, commented and liked every post I’ve blogged on throughout this year. You have been a package of fulfillment to me and my Holy Spirit. This blog is actually less than 15 days old and it has not one day made me feel any sort of regret for starting it.

I’ve been blessed by your contributions and your passion for the word of God to be published in your hearts and minds. You’ve made me feel at home each time I log on to my word press account. Words can’t be the best way to express them, That’s why I wish I could see you guys right now, (*crying*)

All of you have been more than awesome. You have made a mark in my heart and I will never forget that. You made the year even more special for me. I know these two weeks for me has been exciting, reading all your comments and more importantly, for those of you who have blogs, reading your posts and in most cases, studying your post is what I do as the words you put there are more than mere words. As my Pastor would say, “The word on your Lips is God talking”.

As funny as this might sound,..I never used to visit blogs, let alone read and comment on blogs but after I was prompted to start this blog, I discovered there are really beautiful and life transforming articles being published on a day-to-day basis on this platform….my Life could only get better.

My love abides with you all

The Peace and Grace of our Lord Jesus rests with you all.

Thank you:

Frances – Thank you for being a free distributor of the grace and love that you carry. I love you and look forward to knowing you more. Those beautiful testimonies will not cease in this coming year. Thanks for being special. Your blog is gracious to me.

Lizzie– You know you are blessed. Thanks for pointing your light to my direction. It shines I must say. Little wonder you blog shines as well. Love you

Odunayo– Your comments just makes me smile. I’m just so excited about you. Thank you for standing out on this blog. The Joy that you have is sure to remain with you.

Ujesta– I said I’d call you Favour from now…You have favoured me each time I read your posts and when you comment on mine, It excites me. Thank you for your blog

Tosin –    Chaviva herself. You make me feel like a sister when you comment. I love you dear.

Dare – Ur blog is just so exciting to read. Thanks for making those posts exciting and available. God bless you.

Marriage by the book- These posts are just elevating and rich. Thanks for being a GEM to me.

You all have been very sweet to me, my blog has a meaning because of you. Even though it’s been barely two weeks since I found you ladies, you’ve shown me love even to the extent of appreciating me personally on your individual blogs. It couldn’t have gone any better.

God bless you all and thanks for making my 2013 sweeter than it already was.

There’s definitely more excitement coming from this blog and yours as well in the coming year. I look forward to them. I’ll definitely miss you all…I wish I could get real hugs from you all right now. Well, like lady Frances says to her readers, there’s always the e-Hug (when I read that, It cracked me up), lol. I hereby give you the Hugs via the internet.

*e-Huggs*e-Kisses* muah muah muah to you all.

My Joy is indeed full and I’m glad to have the end of the year filled with love coming from all of you.

To all my readers, Love and Reality wishes you all a very happy New year celebration. Eat, Laugh and Love. Just like you did in Christmas, enjoy your day for you are the reason for the season. Be careful, those of us who drive and make sure to observe the traffic rules oh!, lol…Yes Oh its necessary.

Pls don’t forget to keep and send my share of the New Year Rice and Chicken. For those of you watching your weights, pls don’t deprive yourself of the chop chop, I mean, It’s just one day or two. Be cautious sha,..I cannor shout, before I’ll start receiving mails of how I’m the cause. lol


I also wanna say a big Thank you to God for all He made me be to everyone via this blog. All the questions He answered through the posts and comments we made. The Holy Ghost is indeed our Helper. It’s been amazing. Thank you for being such a Good God to Us on Love and Reality. We Love you so much.

OWWWKKKK! I have to go now y’all. I leave you with my congratulations and gratitude once again.

Love you plenty plenty,

Kip Illuminating!!!

What does Christmas mean to you ?

Christmas Musings

I know we are in that special spirit of Christmas all around the world no matter what time it is in the world right now. With most dining tables, big or small filled with Chicken, beef, rice, pasta and all sorts of delicacies there is in the world. I myself will likely make some pounded yam and egusi soup for my enjoyment today, all my fellow Africans know what I mean now, hopefully I’m really inspired.

While I lay awake this early morning of Christmas, 3:00am to be precise, I start to ponder on what Christmas means to me and this was what I came up with remembering the Christmas message I was opportune to have listened to recently by my Man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome. I write:

Christmas to me means Christ in me; Christ in me means Christ is Light for me.

Christ in me means that Christ has become my light and there are three basic things that Light connotes to me. They are:


 Since Christ is in me, I now have a purpose. My life now has a meaning. I no longer run this race of life with uncertainty (1Corinthians 9:26). Unlike many, everyday there is a purpose for my existence. Halleluiah!!


I now have knowledge. Christ has been made unto me wisdom. I can never be confused in life because knowledge is now inside of me. Even when nobody knows it, I do because Christ, knowledge is in me. In any situation or circumstance I find myself, all I need to do is to tap into the wisdom inside of me. Thank you Jesus.


Whenever Light comes, there is development. I just keep getting better, always. The glory is an ever increasing glory in my life. Every time our spirits get engaged in contemplating the Glory of God, we become that Glory that we see, as we study God’s word. That’s why I tell myself “Hannah, it CANNOT get worse for you, it can only get better, you are born again and Christ (the anointing) now lives in you”.

Christmas to me means Christ in me; Christ in me also means Christ is Life to me.

Christ being my Life means to me that, He is my…..


Christ is my source, my unending source. I’ll never run dry in life. In everything I just know that I’ve got a source and a very reliable one at that in the person of Jesus Christ our Lord. I now live in abundance in all things that pertain to life and Godliness. With this consciousness, I know I can never be poor, I cannot fail in life. This is not because of how much I’ve got in my bank account. I choose not to see my wealth through the eyes of the world, but by the Word. I’m always prospering, Glory to God!!


Not only does He supply me or brings to me, he makes sure I have in abundance, I never run dry. I’m always glorious in health, relationship and all that concerns me. This is how Life is for me now that I have Christ.


I give life to everything I touch. Whatever I get involved in, turns out a success. I’m definitely a winner. Christ has now become my Life. Halleluiah

There must be something you get in your spirit as you celebrate this season. The song is not enough, the carols and jingle bells is not enough, neither is the plenty food and drinks enough. You must become LIGHT AND LIFE conscious. This is what He came to make me and you, and do through you and I to our world.

I am THE BLESSING that Christ has given to this world. This is my consciousness as I go about my life. I know that when I come, the blessing has come. So, even today and throughout this season, even in the coming year, square up your shoulders, be bold as you visit and celebrate with your family and your world, because when you arrive in their midst, the blessing has arrived.

Remember ” You are born again, born into His presence where there is fullness of Joy and at His right hand where there are pleasures evermore” 2 Corinthians 5:17

If you are not born again, then your life is yet to begin. Please get in contact with someone you know who is and let the person lead you to Christ. Life begins in Christ and His arms are wide open to receive you today.

Or you can say these words with me and as you say them, mean them from your heart:

“Dear Jesus, I believe that you died for me, I believe that you are risen from the dead and today I take you as my Lord and personal saviour. I choose to follow you and live the life you’ve called me to live. Thank you for accepting me as your child. I’m born again” Halleluiah!

So now that you are born again, you will have to Identify  yourself with the body of Christ, get yourself to a bible based teaching ministry and get committed. This will help to groom you and help take you to the next level in your fellowship with the Master. I love you and welcome to the family of God, of Lights.

So rounding up, Christmas means:  I am in Christ Now, He lives in me Now and He lives through me Now.

If you haven’t believed this then you don’t know what Christmas means. I trust we believe this and more.

Have a beautiful day, remember we are still celebrating our risen king and our lives all together (the body of Christ)

I love you all soo much, plenty “Huggs and kisses” from me.

Kip Illuminating!! Merry Christmas Family